10 Best Ways To Wear White Eyeliner


Considering the fact that people first look in the eye during a conversation, makeup for the eye is essential. Since every girl adorns herself with cosmetics that bring out her best features, there are many products to flaunt the eyes – eyeliners, eyelash curlers, mascara, and eye pencil are a few among the others. There are different colours available in eyeliners like black, blue, green, etc; and now the latest fad is white. White eyeliners are known to highlight the eye, making it brighter and bigger.

Here are 10 best ways to wear white eyeliner:

White winged eyeliner

Trace your upper eyelid with white eye pencil and drag the line; now, flick it in the outer corner of your eye. This is similar to how you apply eyeliner normally, with an extension similar to a check mark around the corner of your eyes – in short, a wing. This highlights your eyes and makes it look brighter.


Apply white on lower eyelid and black on the upper

Line your lower eyelid with white eyeliner. Draw a thin line across the lower lid and flick the corners of your eyelid in an upward direction. Now, draw a thin line across the top lid with black eyeliner and let the lines meet around the outer corner of the eye.

White-black-white-black effect

Apply black eyeliner on your top eyelid and apply white eyeliner above the black layer. Don’t end with a sharp line around the outer corner; let it remain with a normal finishing. Now, apply white eyeliner on your lower eyelid and apply black just above the layer. Repeat the normal finishing on your lower eyelid as well.

Apply black and white

Double your lines by applying a layer of black eyeliner first. Don’t make the line too thick, narrow lines will look fine. Once the lines have dried, apply a slightly thicker line of white eyeliner above the black. It gives the effect of a shimmering eye shadow when in reality it is just an eyeliner.


White for the entire eye

This might not be suitable for day-to-day makeup; rather, it can be worn on special occasions. Apply white eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids. If you can pull it off, you will be noticed by all.

Brighten the inner corners

Apply black eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids. Now use white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. Apply it around the inner ‘V’ to brighten your eyes and make sure the lines are not too thick.


Apply white eyeliner only to the inner corners

Apply white eyeliner around the inner corners of your eye and leave the rest of your eye untouched without any makeup. Use the tip of your index finger to smudge the line around the inner ‘V’. It gives freshness to your gaze.


Use it on the lower inner rim

During busy days, there are chances for your eyes to look tiring. This can be avoided by applying white line in the inner rim of your lower eyelid. You will look fresh and appealing.


Smoky eyes

Line up your upper eyelid with white eyeliner and use the tip of your index finger to slightly rub its colour on the skin between your eyebrows and upper eyelid. It renders a smooth smoky look to your eye.

360 degrees of white shimmering eye

Apply black eyeliner to your inner, upper and lower lines. Now, trace your eye with a white shimmer pencil. It creates an icy effect that makes your eye look gorgeous.


There you go! Flaunt your eyes with the magical touch of white!



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