10 Quick And Easy French Tip Manicures


French tip manicures are simply the most elegant way to do up your nails in our opinion. But, they can also get a little boring and maybe, a bit too plain after a while. To break the monotony, why not try to bring about some variations in your French tip! Try a different colour other than the traditional ivory white on the tip, keeping the other half of your nail the way it normally is; that is, nude. Or else, you can even let your creativity flow and try to go funky by experimenting with different patterns on the nail tip, instead of just one solid colour. Watch this video by Meliney to get some inspiration for easy French tip manicures.

The video will not only give you inspiration on some brilliantly easy-to-do French tip variations, but it will also help in making the process easier with its cheat tricks. Who could have thought that you could use band-aids to do French tips! All you have to do is use the round edge of the band-aid as a guide to fill in the nail paint, to achieve a neat looking French manicure. Also, if you have some cello-tape or scotch tape at home, that should do the trick as well. So, now you won’t have to struggle to balance your hand, to get the perfect curve for your French tip. You can easily incorporate the tricks shown in the video and become a pro at French tip manicures.


So, there you go! Not so tough, right? I’m sure all of you can do these manicures with ease. Give it a shot! :)


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