10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight


So you’ve been sincerely sticking to your fitness routine the whole year – your  diet is healthy, you’re sweating it out at the gym everyday – and yet you haven’t seen an inch go off your waist? If you find yourself wondering what is it that you’re doing wrong; congratulations, you’ve landed up at the right place! Today, I’m about to tell you what is it that you’re doing wrong (or not doing at all), and why you can’t seem to shed any weight in spite of following a fitness routine.

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Avoid these don'ts and lose weight fasterAvoid these don'ts and lose weight faster

Avoid these unhealty habits and lose weight faster

You over-eat healthy food: So only healthy food finds its way on your plate, eh. And you’re still gaining kilos every few months? Take a look at your eating habits. Nuts, avocados, whole wheat pasta, olive oil, and dark chocolate are all natural and healthy, but they aren’t void of calories. If you keep gorging on these ‘health foods’ you’ll gain more weight than you wanted to lose.

You skip breakfast: Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast is NOT a shortcut to losing weight. People who eat breakfast everyday lose more weight than those who don’t – so make sure to eat your breakfast every morning so as to jump-start your metabolism. But don’t just eat anything in sight; protein is a necessary nutrient, so include protein-rich foods in your diet.

Have a protein rich breakfast every morning to amp up your metabolism rate

Have a protein-rich breakfast every morning to amp up your metabolism rate

You don’t watch your portions: A balanced diet means eating healthy, nutritious food along with maintaining portion control. Controlling ‘how much’ you eat is key to losing weight effectively.

You eat standing up: Admit it! How many times have you crept up to the fridge and eaten your favourite (but forbidden) stuff standing in front of it. Eating while standing will not help you shed any calories, instead it will pile them on your body! Quit such mindless eating and eat at proper times and be well-seated.

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You sleep less: Making time for your workout doesn’t mean you must sacrifice on your sleep. Your body needs the latter more than the former. Skipping a few hours of sleep can affect your body’s ability to control its appetite, so make sure to get enough shut-eye.

You avoid eating vegetables: Five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables is recommended to maintain a healthy balanced diet. But most dieters avoid eating most vegetables. You must realize that plant-based foods offer a huge variety of nutrients with fewer calories; so try to include as much veggies in your diet as possible.

Ensure to include weight training and cardio in equal measures in your fitness workout

Ensure to include weight training and cardio in equal measures in your fitness workout

You only concentrate on cardio: If you literally live on the treadmill, you’ll never even get as far as losing a quarter of an inch from your body. Weight-lifting (when done in moderation) is important as it prevents injury and strengthens joints. Not to mention that increased metabolism rate that makes you lose calories even as you sleep!

You work out on an empty stomach: Working out on an empty stomach burns calories from the muscles and not fats. And having more muscle means being able to burn more fat. This means, if you are losing more muscle, you are also failing to lose fat in the bargain.

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You eat way too less: Starving yourself only wrecks your metabolism. So make sure you eat a good amount of (healthy) food, as depriving your body of food would cause hunger pangs later.

Remain healthy and fit by following a good fitness regimen and eating on time

Stay healthy and fit by following a good fitness regimen and eating on time

You don’t eat on time: Your body needs to get regular food intake at short intervals, so not being able to eat your meals on time would not help.

So if you really want to burn more calories and lose more weight, make sure to avoid all the aforementioned things. Stay healthy, stay fit. Ciao for now!

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