10 Signs That Show You Are Bad In Bed


Have you ever pondered over the thought of being bad in bed? We all want to be the sex kitten our man wishes for. But in reality you may not be as good as you feel you are. Signs of being bad in bed can be subtle and very obvious at the same time. Therefore, recognising the signs can be tedious. Read further to know if these explain your sex life and work towards steamier and more passionate nights from now onwards.

Are you bad in bed ?

You portray as if you’re doing him a favour: So you are one of women who think that men love sex more than women; and also that women can procure full advantage of this wrong notion? But excuse me, you are not providing him a favour! Showcasing zilch enthusiasm and excitement during sex and giving it a look as if you are contributing to charity shows nothing but only that you are bad in bed.

You refrain from trying new things: In a long relationship, at one stage the couple tend to have lazy sex. It is not harmful for the relation but too much of vanilla sex sometimes invites in boredom. You may end up making the experience bad, if you’re not willing to be adventurous in bed. It should not be a big deal in trying new stuff, girl!

You are self-conscious while making love: Most Indian women are a bit conscious of what they want to do in bed. A few things that can surely convey that something is wrong. These are, being afraid of going stark nude, having sex with lights on or not letting your partner touch you at any particular places. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, to really enjoy sex.

You should reveal to him what you want: If you’re going to hide how and what you want it to be like, he will never know. This will make the experience bad and leave your partner uninterested. So next time, tell your man what turns you on in bed to be more and more attracted to you.

Do you not tell your partner about your sex wishes?

Do you not tell your partner about your sex wishes?

You giggle a lot: All eyes here! When you are having sex, laughing can be considered as a good sign but giggling on the other hand is a very bad turn off and can make things uncomfortable. While laughing when you’re having sex can be a good sign, giggling on the other hand will only make things uncomfortable. Also, this makes you appear childish and not the sex kitten you wish to be.

You’re very quiet and make not even a single noise: You know what we are talking about, if you’ve watched adult films. This comes naturally to most girls. Your being too quiet can be a little problematic and boring too. This does not mean you have to scream like a porn star as that is too fake, but being silent will seem as if you do not exist only.

You over analyse the situation: It’s okay to think over things before getting involved and take your time in getting comfortable. But this does not seem to be relevant if you and your partner have been together for a while. Going with the flow will do no harm. Don’t always over think in everything as that could kill the moment and lead the situation to bad sex.

You don’t take charge: This is important information remember girls: it’s not your partner’s duty to take control every single time. It’s not his job, like most women consider it to be. If you pose incredibly passive, it’s not fun. Don’t just lie there and make him feel like he’s making love to a mere dead body. If you can be dominant and aggressive, once in a while it will make your sex more happening.

Are you not putting enough efforts to enjoy your sex life?

Are you not putting enough efforts to enjoy your sex life?

You don’t take care of yourself: Now, we’re not meaning to say you have to be high maintenance, but being no maintenance is a very bad idea. If you come to bed putting on a face mask or do not shave for weeks, you build your image as someone who dislikes making any effort. This is definitely ill for your sex life.

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