10 Simple Ways To Look Younger Instantly


Our body changes with age. The older we get, more the wrinkles appear. Hair lose their volume and shine. Dark spots appear. We tend to look more tired. No matter what beauty products say, there is no product that can reverse the effects of aging. However, there are a few trick ways to look younger. We show them to you.

Add Lustre And Volume To Hair

Treat your hair to a weekly hot oil treatment at home. Hair oils containing olive-oil or jojoba-oil are particularly good for your hair. They help maintain your hair’s moisture level and also add a shiny and smooth lustre to them.

To add volume to hair instantly, try switching to a round brush for your hair. The circular bristle alignment lifts up your hair as you brush them, giving your hair an instant voluminous effect.

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Get Highlights

A good way to make your face look younger is getting highlights in your hair. Highlights help to brighten your face making it look younger than it is. Go for colours that suit your original hair colour and complexion though. A highlight in a vivid green or blue will just make it look like you are trying too hard.

ways to look younger

Cut Bangs

No, don’t cut the bangs yourself; get a hair stylist to do it for you. Go in for full side swept bangs that frame your face well. Bangs do good job at hiding wrinkles at the corner of your eyes. Bangs also instantly add a style quotient to your look.

Hide Brown Spots

Brown spots appear on the skin as we age. A simple makeup routine can easily minimise their appearance, making your skin look flawless. First, apply a bit of concealer on the spots using a concealer brush. Top this with foundation. The concealer brightens the spotted area and the foundation blends it with your skin, giving it a smooth look.

Glowing Skin

A less instant but more lasting way to make skin glow and look healthy is including a weekly face scrub routine. Use a face scrub with natural extracts or make one at home. The scrub exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells, thereby making your face look fresh and bright. Also, applying milk mask to your face adds a natural softness and glow to your skin. The lactic acid in milk does this trick.

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Teeth Care

Yellow teeth are not only a put off, but also a tell-tale sign of aging. Get whitening strips from your dentist or a chemist and use these to make your teeth look instantly white and clean. Also, going for a yearly or half yearly teeth cleanup removes any spots or tartar formation from your teeth, making them look whiter and also keeping your mouth healthy.

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ways to look younger

Dress Smart

What you wear is major indication of your age. Wear clothes and colours that suit your body form. If you have a heftier body, try wearing darker shades to hide the fat. If you are shorter, wear clothes that will give the impression of height. Remember, don’t dress up like an old woman, but also don’t dress up like a teenage girl. Neither will do you any good.

Healthy Eating Habits

A good way to slow the process of aging, if not reverse it, is to maintain a healthy balanced diet.  Include greens and fish in your diet. Greens lend their anti-oxidant properties while fish lend their healthy oils, both of which are good for your body and make you look younger.


Hardcore exercising is not necessary, but a good dose of it helps slow down the aging process a lot. Make it a habit to go for a jog or a walk even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. If you can manage it, then add in a few simple exercises like crunches and squats that you can do at home. Yoga works wonders too.

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Smile, A Lot

Lastly, the best way to look younger is to smile often. A smile makes your face look brighter instantly and effortlessly. Studies have shown that people who smile often look younger than they actually are. So, our suggestion is add a daily dose of infinite smiles to your life.

ways to look younger

Keep in mind these 10 easy ways to look younger and, stay healthy and happy!

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