10 Things A Diehard Salman Khan Fan Should Know!


Superstar Salman Khan has an enormous fan-following, we all know. The only reason why the films that he has starred in of late have entered the niche 100 crore club is Salman Khan himself.  Here we bring to you 10 things not many know about the Dabangg Khan:

Salman Khan Fan

1. Salman Khan often donates blood to sick children and frequently visits them in the hospital. So, indeed, this “bad boy” has a big heart.

2. Salman’s favourite destination outside India is London.

3. The Dabangg Khan was an excellent swimmer during his school days and even wanted to represent the country.

4. Salman is always enthusiastic about encouraging newcomers and takes out time from his packed schedule apparently to listen to their scripts and ideas.

5. It is believed that Salman has never used his father’s name to bag films even during his struggling days. He used to visit producers on his own and audition for roles.

Salman Khan Fan

6. Salman Khan, we all know by now, is good at painting. But it was his mother, Salma Khan, a fabulous painter herself, who inspired Salman to paint.

7. Salman’s initial aim was to earn Rs. 10 lakh. This was when he had just started his career.

8. Salman Khan has vowed that he would never kiss on screen; and just because of this vow, he has declined two film offers.

9. We hear Salman Khan has a passion for photography, and his friends and family swear by his pictures.

10. Salman is very fond of various kinds of body soaps, especially the ones with fruit smells and their extracts.

Salman Khan Fan

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