10 Things To Do When You’re Bored Out Of Wits


Long, pointless hours really get on your nerves, don’t they? One minute you feel happy to be home-alone and the next minute you’re bored out of your wits. How about doing something constructive instead of watching crappy soap opera on TV and eating junk? So the next you’re home alone and wondering what to do and how to make the most of this time, here are some interesting, constructive and fun things to do!

Paint your jewellery with clear nail polish, Things To Do When Bored,

Paint your jewellery with clear nail polish to avoid chipping off or rusting

Paint your junk jewellery with clear polish: This will not only take almost an hour to finish but also you’ll have rust-proofed (and wear-proofed!) your junk jewellery so it won’t peel off the paint and the silver bangles will remain sliver for a long time! Yay!

Doodling, Things To Do When Bored,

Doodling is fun!

Doodle: Doodling is fun and beneficial too. These days it’s hard to keep your mind focused on one thing, and doodling can help you keep your mind focused. It harnesses your visual, mental and physical energy to stay in the game!

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Cake fresh out from the oven, Things To Do When Bored,

Bake to kill time. This way you can have your cake and eat it too!

Cook/bake: The best thing about cooking is that you get food after you’re done! There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Cooking is like therapy, you only need to put the apron on and your olfactory sense and hormones start working. It allows you to become the best chef in the whole world for some time. Not to forget your family will thank and appreciate you for preparing a lovely supper for them.

Solve a crossword puzzle: Remember how much you used to love solving those crossword puzzles after coming home from school? And the 9-6 hours working have taken all the fun away! So go ahead and try solving that puzzle, you’ll be surprised how good you still are!

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Attempt some intricate nail art: Even if you fail at all your nail-art attempts, try once more. It may so happen that since you’re alone and bored and focused, you get it all right! Hello profish nails :)

Plants in a jar, Things To Do When Bored,

Plant a garden in a jar, there are lots of DIY tutorial on the internet

Plant a garden in a jar: Gardening is an art and makes you feel fresh to be around trees and plants pumping oxygen out into the atmosphere. Plus planting a garden in a jar will give you a pretty piece of home décor for your living room or backyard. Time well-spent.

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Read a book: You’ve bought the newest book by your favorite author but never got the time to read it? Pick it up now! There’s nothing better than getting lost in a whole new world of words. As they say reading makes you travel in time J

Clean/rearrange your wardrobe: Ever heard of closet therapy? No, I didn’t just makeup the word! Most of us are holding on to things from 10 years ago, maybe the old school sweatshirt, or your first lingerie. Here’s the thing, those aren’t your memories, they’re emotional clutter! Clean out your wardrobe!

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Origami dresses being line-dried, Things To Do When Bored,

Origami dresses (Source: www.facebook.com/origamiaddictqatar)

Try your hand at origami: This Japanese art of paper folding can become a medium for you to express yourself and even develop a sense of peace. Through origami you can discover a new, more creative, open minded, patient, and inventive you!

Make a to-do list: If you don’t feel up to it to really do some household work, make a to-do list of things to do or chores to complete for the next time you’re bored. Thinking about whether you’d really do it the next time, is totally not necessary ;)

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