10 tips to shoo and keep lizards away from your home


The rainy season is soon approaching, and a time like this can make your house a haven for small, pesky insects. Insects in your house can attract an ever bigger pest, woman’s best friend (giggle)… the lizard. Lizards can scare even the toughest of us all with their slithery and slimy bodies and scary appearance. So here we list ways in which you can shoo away and keep lizards out of your home for good.

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So if your little buddy (:P) is hiding in your house and you don’t know how to get rid of him, here’s what you can do.

Shift furniture

Lizards aren’t going to move away if they’ve got a hundred places to hide in your house. Shift furniture regularly to make sure there isn’t a fixed place where Mr. Slimy can reside.

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Close in-house doors

Close your bedroom door! You dont want a lizard in there, do you

Close your bedroom door! You don’t want a lizard in there, do you?


If you have doors that lead to other rooms in your house, make sure they are shut when you go outside. This way, lizards won’t creep into these rooms to surprise you when you get home.

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Chase the lizard

Use a wooden stick to scare the lizard out of his hiding place and then scoot (more like escort :P) the lizard to your doorway and outside.

Cold water

A cold water bottle spray will scare away lizards

A cold water bottle spray will scare away lizards

The body of lizards is very sensitive to temperature changes. Cold water causes their bodies to freeze and become immobile. You can then trap the lizard in a box and get it out easily.

Now that you’ve got rid of the lizard with the easiest trick in the book, it’s time to learn ways to keep them out for good.

Clean your house

Insects, as mentioned before, are the reason you have lizards enter your house, so if you want lizards out, you’d want insects out, and if you want insects out, then keep the house clean!

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Cats like to eat lizards just like they love mice. Having a predator around will surely keep your lizard population manageable.

Seal the house

Seal all the crevices in your house from where lizards may enter in

Seal all the crevices in your house from where lizards may enter in

Make sure the windows and doors are properly sealed so there are no gaps or crevices from where lizards can enter the house.

Peacock’s feather

An interesting way to scare away this reptile is by placing a peacock’s feather in the room. Lizards are supposedly scared of it and do not enter houses if they have it.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray irritates lizards

Pepper spray irritates lizards

This home-made chemical free spray can drive lizards away for good. To make this spray, mix water with red pepper and black pepper powder. Sprinkle this mixture on the walls, edges of door and windows and fixtures near doors and windows. The smell of the spray is very irritating for lizards.

Onion and garlic

Garlic may never scare vampires, like in the movies, but it sure can scare away lizards! The smell of onion and garlic is severely irritating for lizards and hanging a piece near doors and windows will keep them out.

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