13 Amazing And Lesser-Known Uses Of Coconut Oil


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I still remember how my grandma used to scold me for not treating my hair with coconut oil before shampooing my hair. I was not the one to obey because coconut oil used to be this irritatingly sticky and smelly liquid for me. Well, I learnt my lesson in due course of time when I finally learnt about the numerous benefits of the oil. Now, if you too were in dark about these lesser-known uses of coconut oil, let me surprise you.

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- Guys and girls, no worries if you ran out of shaving cream at a crucial moment. Apply coconut oil to the particular area and witness smooth shaving like never before. Plus, it also prevents any cuts or accidental razor burns.
- Mix coconut oil with salt or sugar and you have the perfect homemade body scrub. Remove dead cell in a jiffy.
- Don’t spend some precious bucks on pricey makeup removers after investing in expensive makeup products. Just massage some warm coconut oil onto your skin using your fingertips at the end of the day, and wash off. Now feel your skin breathe.

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- Irritated with baby hair and those frizzy flyaways? Use your fingertips to rub a little coconut oil on the bottom inches of your hair for all-day long frizz protection.
- Use coconut oil as an under-eye cream to prevent ugly-looking dark circles.
- Did you know that coconut oil is one of the best lip balms? Scoop some in a tiny, old lip balm container and carry it in your handbag to care for your lips all day! Bonus Tip: Add a dash of your favourite lip gloss to it and your little pot now holds glossy, tinted lip balm ;)

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- Oh, and did I tell you that your new DIY lip balm bottle also holds the secret to soft cuticles? Utilize your work breaks to massage your nails and cuticles with this new-found cuticle softener.
-  Use coconut oil as body oil by applying it on your hands and legs after every shower.
- Mix coconut oil with liquid soap to effectively clean your makeup brushes. Result: sparkling clean ready-to-use brushes.
- Use a cotton bud to apply a little coconut oil to eyelashes for voluminous-looking lashes. Remember to avoid any contact with your delicate eyes though.
- Trust coconut oil to solve all your worries about waxing at home. Just apply it to your skin after you wax.
- Ran out of toothpaste? Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda as a quick alternative.
- Lastly, coconut oil is one of the safest lube that will help during those steamy nights. It’s natural, does not contain any preservatives and also keeps infection at bay! I mean what all can this thing do!

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Disclaimer: Coconut oil does not necessarily mean a blue bottle with a coconut tree on it. You get the hint, don’t you? ;)

Have fun trying out each of these incredible uses of coconut oil and tell us how it fared :)

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