14 Ridiculous Sex Myths – Busted!


Most Common Sex Myths

Good sex requires good knowledge! If you still believe in those age-old sex myths, sorry, but your bedroom action will always remain mediocre. Probably it’s high time we separate the facts from falsehood and debunk those widely-accepted “truths”! Ready to bust some big-time sex myths? ;)

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- Sex is better when you’re young.
That’s totally wrong! With age, say bye to wild quickies and hello to more sensuous and emotional lovemaking. Those feels ;)

- Condoms are a barrier when it comes to pleasure.
As per studies, when a man finds the ideal condom for his size, the pleasure enhances for him as well as his partner. You now know what to do!

- All a woman wants in bed is a man who can bring her to orgasm.
Just for the record, a vibrator can easily do that. She needs passion from you, which a sex toy can’t obviously give her. And yes, we know how to enjoy sex sans an orgasm and will not judge you based on that!

- The bigger, the better.
Long gone are the days when a smaller size was a cause of worry. In fact, the man should know the techniques – that is what matters. If truth be told, a big penis is of no use if the vagina is small. Get it?

- Women don’t think of sex as much as men do.
Men may be branded as ‘tharkis’ or ‘perverts’, but there’s no denying that women love it too! But only a sexually satisfied woman will be a happy woman.

- Sex helps you shed those extra kilos.
No matter how much we want this one to be true, we gotta come back to reality. With 35 minutes of sex, you burn around 100-150 calories. Who lasts that long?

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- Oral and anal sex are the safer options.
From unwanted pregnancy, yes; from STDs, no!

- Every woman has a G-spot.
There is no scientific study to support this one. So, try not to fixate all your attention on the G-spot search mission!

- You shouldn’t swallow.
While it’s ultimately the woman’s choice, it’s not unhealthy or unsafe to swallow semen. If the man is not STD infected, his ejaculate is probably cleaner than your mouth is!

- Premature ejaculation is a disease.
Every man faces it at one point in his life due to various temporary problems like anxiety, fatigue, or poor nutrition. So, stop making it a big deal!

- Men can’t experience multiple orgasms.
Though pretty rare, this may happen. While some may have it naturally, others may need to try very hard. Having said that, don’t wake your guy up during his post-ejaculation sleep just to try ;)

- Porn is a guy thing.
Burst your bubble if you thought that pornography was only for the male population! Why should boys have all the fun? ;)

- Period sex means no pregnancy.
Though rare, this happens. Sperms hang out in your reproductive organ for six days, so you never know!

- A first-timer woman HAS to bleed.
Please, stop believing this. Most women break their hymen long before sex. If not, a hymen tearing does not lead to pools of blood.

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Now that you know the truth, wouldn’t you want to share these myth-busting sex facts with your partner?

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