20 Signs Of A Valuable Employee


While recruiting an employee, managers and companies expect certain key qualities in their workers and prefer someone who will bring value to the organisation. As a by-product of general economic downturn, companies are learning to be more productive with fewer employees at hand. Which means it’s time to take a good look at ourselves to figure out if we would (or should) remain employed. If you lack the key traits that define a valuable employee, there are chances you’ll lose your job sooner or later, unless, of course, you imbibe those essential values in you and increase the possibility of staying employed or gaining re-employment. By knowing, practicing and incorporating the key qualities of a valuable employee, you will notice a dramatic increase in your worth to your current and/or future employers.

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A valuable employee is responsible, diligent, sincere and hardworking all at once.

A valuable employee is responsible, diligent, sincere and hardworking all at once.

So have you got it in you? Read on to find out…

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  1. A valuable employee is always character driven. Which means, they have the virtue of knowing right from wrong, turning away from the wrong and doing what’s right, even in the face of pressures.
  2. A good employee is always honest and upright. The boss knows it and appreciates it too.
  3. A valuable employee is more often than not, multi-skilled. It’s important to have more than one skill-set. If you don’t currently, try and broaden your areas of expertise and learn different types of tasks that you can perform. The more you can do, the greater value you have to an employer, and the more job opportunities that will be open to you.
  4. A valuable employee is well mannered. He knows that he represents a company and how he conducts and presents himself, interacts with customers or clients, and fellow employees, and the quality of his work too reflects directly on it.
  5. A good and valuable employee always gives his best at the first go. Even if a task is out of his comfort zone, he will make sure to execute the task to the best of his capabilities.
  6. Nothing pisses off an employer/boss than a member of staff who doesn’t follow instructions. Missing crucial deadlines, producing bad quality product and anything that makes the customers/clients unhappy will not be appreciated. A good employee is hence required to be sincere to his job.
  7. A valuable employee is also most importantly reliable. At times, there would be situations where the boss or the manager cannot be available to supervise the tasks, but if you are a valuable employee, the boss knows that he can count on you. Any routine task can be given to you to manage single-handedly in the boss’ absence.
  8. A good employee is a good listener. Listening and concentrating on instructions avoids miscommunication; and a good employee is one who waits and listens, then carries out the task as instructed.
  9. A good employee is aware of the position his manager is at and he respects it. Your manager will notice the respect you have for their superiority and you will earn their respect in turn.
  10. A good employee always has a positive approach to everything. Nobody likes to be around a negative and pessimistic individual. If you consider yourself a valuable employee, you will never say no to a task unless you have a good enough reason to.
  11. A good employee is easy to get along with. You know you are a good employee if you have more people who say “Good morning!” to you.

    A valuable employee must always believe in team work and helping out his team mates

    A valuable employee must always believe in team work and helping out his/her team mates

  12. A valuable employee accepts challenges happily. He knows that things can go wrong at work But also understands that problems need solutions. Employers always want workers who are able to identify problems, and devise and implement solutions.
  13. A valuable employee is one who is responsible. Many employees barely do enough to earn a pay-cheque, but a valuable employee always finishes his daily task list before leaving, and if need be extends his working hours to get it done.
  14. We all make mistakes, and a good employee is not afraid to own up his mistakes. He realizes that his job duties affect others. And his mistakes can cause more work for them. And a valuable employee wouldn’t want others to suffer due to a slip he made. This trait is always appreciated, so don’t worry… you will not lose your job for a silly mistake.
  15. Do you wait to be told to do something or you take the initiative to carry out a task by yourself? Remember, a valuable employee is extremely proactive and takes initiatives in finding innovative ways to be productive for organisation.
  16. Although it is the superiors’ job to pep you up from time to time, but as an employee who brings value to the company, you must also be self-motivated. Managers will notice a self-motivated worker and will seek him out for advancement.
  17. A good employee is the one who the boss can bank on. He is dependable to a great extent. He keeps commitments and always produces good quality product.
  18. A good employee must also be diligent. Give your employer a full day’s work for the full day’s pay that he is giving you.
  19. If you want to be known and considered a valuable employee, stay on track. A valuable employee hardly succumbs to distraction of any sorts.
  20. A good employee is self-disciplined and dedicated. He will never say “that’s not my job”. If you want to keep your job, do more than is expected, not just the bare minimum.


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