2017 Is About To End And Here’s What You Should Avoid Doing In The Next Year



Ever since we entered the year 2017, we welcomed it with a bash! From partying till the sun rose high in the sky, to dancing till our feet hurt, we have done it all in our New Year parties. Well, the time has arrived yet again to ring in the New Year, and the countdown has already started. ITS JUST 30 DAYS TO GO FOR THE NEW YEAR 2018.

Though a lot of people have already booked their holidays and decided to welcome the New Year yet again with the same enthusiasm, there are still a few who are clueless what are they supposed to do by the end of this year. Guys! Just take a deep breath. We are not here to give you a hell lot of Gyan on what to do to celebrate 2018, but we will surely say what you can avoid doing, once again before your determinations fall flat on its face.

Stop making false resolutions:

Its high time guys, you really need to stop fooling yourself and your loved ones. A lot of them make resolutions but end up breaking them. Instead, make a resolution that you’ll stick to what you’ve decided, be it health-wise, or be light on your pocket. It’s all for your own good!

No more diet charts:

End of the year, we always tend to avoid what we thought about our lives. One of them is being healthy. But, guy, is it worth it? Ignoring your health and paying attention to petty things? Think once again, and do what you feel like, instead of making a diet chart, just plan to live a healthy life. And this thing should not be a yearly drama, but to be followed as much as you can.

Learn to say No:

A lot of times we make decisions out of pressure, and end of the day, when you think how your day was, you end up regretting why the entire thing started in the first place. Say no, guys. It’s easy! N-O! No…

Bye-Bye toxic people:

Yes! Toxic people are like weed. They enter your life, suck the marrow out of you, kills all the positive vibes, and leave you hollow enough to break from inside. Ever came across such people? Block them not only from social media but also from your life.

Hoarding should be banned:

When was the last time you wore that expensive dress you bought out of love for that designer? Do you remember? Exactly! You earn, you end up spending on things which give you temporary happiness, and then, you’ve nothing left but an account full of regrets over the things you’ve hoarded for so many years. Think about it.

Carpe Diem:

Oh captain, my captain! A wise guy once said it right, live for the day and don’t think what happens tomorrow. Seize the day and look what wonders it will do to your life.

Invest your time, energy and money in something qualitative:

Doesn’t this one make a huge sense out of a few words? Time once lost is lost, and so does energy. Yes, you can earn money, but then there comes one fine day that nothing matters much in your life, it’s all memories left for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

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