25 Excuses Indian Women Cite To Refuse Sex To Their Husband


Mark my words, guys – when women say no to sex, it’s almost always for a reason. If you’ve been rejected in bed a lot, you’re probably not good enough; but if you’re confident that you are, (and still your wife withheld the sex) then you’ll probably know that unravelling what lies beneath the rebuke is the key to resolving the situation. For a man, dealing with a wife who withholds sex regularly can be very confusing and frustrating. You are left with no choice but to await a change of mood while trying to figure out what cryptic message wifey wants to convey. I’m sure by now you have learnt to say when your woman doesn’t “want” it and when is she “deliberately withholding” it.

Here are 25 excuses Indian women cite to refuse sex to their husband. Go ahead, take a laugh and spread the happiness!

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When a woman says no to sex 98 percent of the time, she has a reason to

When a woman says no to sex 98% of the time, she has a reason for it


Excuse 1: She’s pissed off because you vented out your office frustration on her

Excuse 2: She has a headache and doesn’t feel well

Excuse 3: She’s manipulating you to get you to take out the garbage

Excuse 4: It’s your mom-in-law’s birthday and she wants to have a family dinner

Excuse 5: Your child has a grammar test tomorrow morning


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Excuse 6: She is not in the mood for it tonight. No further questions.

Excuse 7: She can’t miss today’s episode of her favourite show. Because she prefers spending the nights with Kapil.

Excuse 8: You didn’t notice her new haircut beneath that pallo.

Excuse 9: Still upset with the haircut faux pas you did!

Excuse 10: Your mother is ill and she must tend to her

"I am not in the mood for sex tonight"

“I am not in the mood for sex tonight”

Excuse 11: Who’s gonna clean the kitchen?  Your dead aunt!?

Excuse 12: She’s on her periods.

Excuse 13: Periods: Day 2

Excuse 14: Periods: Day 3

Excuse 15: Periods: Day 4

Excuse 16: Periods: Day 5

Excuse 17: Periods: Day 6

Excuse 18: It’s jag raata and the whole colony is in the living room

Excuse 19: She’s tired from last night. Jag raata hangover, you see.

Excuse 20: Your kid’s teacher finds him slow. The argument about which side of the family did he get it from, is not settled.

Make your wife feel wanted and needed even outside the bed.

Make your wife feel wanted and needed even outside the bed.

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Excuse 21: Boss yelled at her this morning, for no big mistake of hers. Who gives a damn about the Japanese tender anyway!

Excuse 22: You forgot your tenth wedding anniversary. How could you forget!

Excuse 23: She isn’t over it yet. How could you forget!

Excuse 24: She has a mannat. No sex for a month.

Excuse 25: You want it every day? What are you, a Tiger (Woods)!

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