3 amazing tricks to nail the perfect eyeliner


Do you at times feel that getting the perfect liner can pose to be one hell of a challenge? We bring you 3 amazingly simple yet effective tricks to nail the perfect liner to get the sassy chic look that you’ve always dreamt of.

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Trick 1 – Join the dots

Join the dashes to gget the perfect smooth line

Join the dashes to get the perfect smooth line

For this trick, you could try using a liquid liner or if you’re more comfortable with an eyeliner pencil you could use that. Step one is a simple trick that we used as kids to get our standing and sleeping lines good. Make small dots or dashes on your upper eyelid and proceed to join them making a smooth line across the lid. Finish with some voluminising mascara for a perfect casual look.

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Trick 2 – Use a business card as stencil

Business card can be used as a liner stencil

Business card can be used as a liner stencil

If you want a look that is much more intense like a cat liner that requires a flick, this trick is perfect especially if your hand isn’t quite steady. Wrap a business card in a soft tissue paper to make sure that the edge of the card doesn’t hurt you. Now, using the card as a stencil, place it on the outer edge of your eyes and make a flick from the outer corner of your eye towards your brow. Your perfect flick is ready! Now move from the outer corner of your lid towards the innermost point and also line your inner ‘V’ end. Repeat the same on your lower lid; and your perfect cat liner is done!

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Trick 3 – Use kohl to nail the two-tone liner

Two-tone eyeliner

Two-tone eyeliner

If you’ve been thinking of rocking the two-tone liner but feel scared that you’ll end up looking like a vampire, don’t fret. We have the most fantastic trick to get it right in the first try itself – kohl! Using kohl to line your eyes is extremely easy and gives your eyes a softer look. For a two-tone liner use the brighter colour first and make a thick line across your upper eyelid. Leave it on for some time to settle it down and then proceed to apply the second (darker) colour over the first one but keep it thin. There you have it, the classic chic two-tone eyeliner!

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