3 big mistakes made after breakup


Breaking up with your partner can be the hardest thing to do. After taking all the pain of knowing each other, spending time together and giving love unconditionally, it is obviously hard enough to split ways for whatever reasons.

It is common for any person to make hasty and regretful mistakes during this phase. You don’t have to be one of them too. All you have to do to set yourself free is to avoid these three commonly made mistakes after your breakup.

Let’s be friends

lets be firnds

It is not possible for you and your ex to be friends after all the love-making and romantic moments you shared in the past. It might sound like a good plan, but trust me, it is just a temporary solution. When you realise that being friends was a mistake, it will be all the more painful to part ways with your ex.

Stalking and trying to get your ex back

Young woman looking out her window.

This is a very common mistake. No one can digest rejection. In an attempt to avoid loneliness, we tend to stalk our ex-partners and try to convince them. Tell me what is more stupid – you showing up as a pathetic person in front of your ex or stalking him when you can actually move on?

Let’s be ‘friends with benefits’

sexing ur ex

I know your breakup makes your brain work in awkward ways. But, do you think that sexing your ex is a better idea? To have sex when you were in the relationship should have been really romantic and special to the both of you (or at least you), but to try and work your relationship in the name of having sex even after break up is sad. You cannot ‘just’ have sex with a person you once shared special moments with.

Whenever your brain makes you do stupid things, just sleep. And remember one thing: your soulmate is somewhere out there, and when time comes they will show up in front of you. All you have to do is wait for the right time.

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