3 DIY Car Repairs You Can Do With Ease


For a car lover, a car is like a baby that needs to be handled with love, care and affection. But, even after much care and attention there are times when things get out of hand. During such times, the car often needs expert hands to fix the issues that have arrived. Auto maintenance guys are aware of this fact and often charge a bomb for the work. There is a way though of saving yourself from losing the hard earned cash. Read on for expert tips on DIY car repairs:

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Windshield repair

Windshield repair

Repairing the windshield is an easy task if you get the basics rights.

Now, we don’t intend to say that all auto-maintenance shop guys are crooks and neither do we want to put them out of their jobs. But, we can’t help but put our foot down and wake people up from their slumber for some tasks. Repairing of windshield is one such task. The way to go ahead with this is to buy a windshield repair kit from an auto store. Clean a 12 inch square area with a glass cleaner using a razor blade to weed out all the defects. Make sure you remove all the glass pieces inside the chip. Now, using a plunger, inject the adhesive into the windshield and let the tool to do the remaining job.

Power steering flush

power steering flush

Power steering fluid should be flushed every 2-3 years

This task is a bit tricky and needs some level of understanding of the car and its working. Doing a power steering flush job can be done in the safety of your own garage. The key thing behind this is to get rid of the old oil power steering fluid as much as possible. Ideally, 90% of the old fluid should be removed. The procedure involves taking a turkey baster and draining out the old fluid from the fill canister. Now, take the old oil in a plastic container and take it to a recycling facility nearby. Pour the new fluid slowly, start the vehicle and try moving the steering back and forth.  Put the engine off, let it cool for a bit and repeat this step 3-4 times until fluid appears clearly.

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Spark plug replacement

It is a job that needs to be done from time to time to keep the car in good condition. Why? Because it is one way you can ensure the car remains eco-friendly to some extent. With regular use, the metal wears away, leading to carbon getting deposited on the electrodes. This seriously reduces the car’s efficiency in the long term. Research and check for the best spark plugs available in the market. Talk to people in the neighborhood or the family who have good knowledge about cars.

Once you have sorted the issue of buying a quality spark plug, the installation procedure involves removing the ignition wires from old spark plugs and replacing them with new ones. After you finish it, apply dielectric grease to the ignition wire boots before putting them inside the plugs.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and let the mechanic in you nurture your car in the best way possible.

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