3 lifestyle diseases you should take seriously


We live in a kaleidoscopic world where things keep changing constantly. From our thoughts, cultures to standard of living, everything is dynamic and continuously keeps evolving from time to time. Our world has shifted from the black and white Doordarshan channel to the HD DTH platforms! Urbanization, modernization and the trend of digitization has changed the lifestyle of Indian families, especially in the urban parts of the country. Gone are the days when women were housewives who applied ek chutki sindoor and just focused on the activities surrounding the four walls of the kitchen! Today they are smart working professionals who aim high and do not want to compromise on their career related goals. Children in the current scenario do not play games like Saanp Seedi or Gilli-Danda and have entered an era that is dominated by behemoth technology where they long for big ticket video gaming brands like PlayStation and Xbox.

The transition from a traditional to a modern lifestyle has certainly come up with some amazing advantages that will be beneficial to many of us in the long run. But at the same time, it has encouraged individuals to adopt a lifestyle that is slowly dissolving some relationships and ideologies that were once considered to be of prime importance. The consequences of such a lifestyle might not harm a person instantly but they keep lurking in the darkness, waiting for the right opportunity to attack the person advocating it! Have a look at the 3 deadly lifestyle diseases that you should be careful of:

1.       The social media addiction that detaches you from the real world

Facebook and Twitter have undoubtedly helped us to keep in touch with our old mates. It’s great to talk to our childhood friends and check out what’s going on in their lives on such social networking platforms. But aren’t we missing out something here? Instead of making efforts to go out and meet them in person, we end up saying a mere “Hello” or a “Wassup” during weekends. Can such a conversation ever match up to the ones we used to have over a cup of cutting chai? Playing an active part in their lives is more important than those Likes, Comments or Tweets.

 2.       The self-focused behaviour that leads to family breakdown

If you go through the movies that were made during the 50s, 60s and 70s, you’ll notice that almost every movie reinforced ideas like unity, sacrifice and placing the happiness of others before yourself. Today, most of the movies emphasize on individual success, individual priorities and individual desires. There was a time when spending time with families was more important than any other work in the world; but today, people seldom get the time to sit in front of each other and have a stimulating conversation. They rather prefer playing games, sending messages on WhatsApp or spending extra time in the office for a promotion.

Are you busy on the phone even on a date?

Are you busy on the phone even on a date?

3.       The trending materialism that ignites irrational desires and complexes

“Oh! Is that an iPhone 5s? I’ll get one too!”

“I just bought a Macbook that is worth 90 grands!”

How many times have you seen people comparing their phones, shoes, gadgets, accessories, ways of dressing up and even the way of living to others? Oh! Are you also one of them? Before splurging on such not-so-important things, just reflect on your actions and ask yourself if all this is worth it. Sure, we need to be up-to-date, but is it sensible to buy something new just because it is trending in the market and your friend or colleague has bought it, without considering the fact whether it’s important or not?

These diseases unlike other lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, harm the person on an emotional level. And then you find yourself alone amidst the crowd, craving for some real happiness and solace. It’s a good thing to admire your work and also yourself; but do not neglect the emotions of those who love you and want to spend some time with you! So start your day afresh and acknowledge the sources of true happiness to live your life to the fullest!



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