3 Reasons Why Men Reject An Arranged Marriage Proposal


Every man’s dream is to have a love marriage. An arranged marriage is not something that men are into, this is because they don’t know how the girl is, is she a good person, are they compatible or not, what good qualities does she possess, etc. All you women out there, listen up. These are the 3 reasons why men reject an arranged marriage proposal. Girls, it’s time for y’all to buck up, you would obviously want to get married at some point of time in life, right?

Girls can’t stop talking about their problems

girls can't stop talking

Men don’t like girls who constantly talk about their problems.

Girls love one thing in life; they like to bitch about other people and the problems they face with them. One piece of advice for y’all: when you meet him for the first time, your man may seem interested in what you are saying, but in his mind all he can think of is when is she going to stop so that he can go watch the football match with his friends and have a beer. All what I’m trying to say is, you can talk about your problems to us men, but don’t go overboard with it. Atleast try and keep it entertaining.

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What type of girl will she be?

When it comes to an arranged marriage proposal, all men have one thing in mind. How does she look, is she compassionate, is she funny? These points keep running through his mind. Ensure when you meet him, you don’t go dressed up with hot shorts and a revealing T-back. You’re going to meet your prospective husband not for a house party. When you try to be too funny, it can really backfire. Stay in your limits. Please don’t talk too much.

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Are we compatible?

Are you compatible

Compatibility is required in every relationship.

The most common question that runs through a man’s mind, when it comes to a woman is, “Are we compatible?” Do we share the same thoughts, temperaments, interests and likings? Girls, if you know you aren’t compatible with your man, why force it? Let me explain this to you, there are many girls who tell their guys that they are into trekking, adventure sports and so on. Don’t say stuff like that if you’re not into it, because if he decides to take you trekking, you know the entire trip will be ruined not only for you, but also for him. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be the cause of it. So be smart and tell the truth.

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Now that you are aware of the reasons, I hope next time you will take the necessary precautions before you get your heart broken. And don’t worry; the love of your life is definitely somewhere out there waiting for you. Just hang in there ;)

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