3 Things Men Know, But Never Say About Women


Richa, a 30-year-old friend of mine, is currently single, waiting for her man to appear from nowhere and sweep her off her feet. I took this as a reason to introduce my guy friend to her and fixed a blind date for both of them. By the end of three dates, she became very conscious of what he thinks about her. She kept buzzing me with questions like, does he like me yet; is being plus size a problem, can I call him again, I once caught him looking right into my eyes; does that mean he is interested in me.

Well, women think a lot because men portray themselves to be hard to interpret. Some men act like they are aggressive and rude on the outside but are calm and very romantic on the inside. Apparently, their fear of rejection or embarrassment while making the ‘move’, made men build an opaque wall in front of women.

If you think that your crush did not notice your new hairstyle, you are mistaken. Men notice every minute difference in the woman they like (apart from those geeks who genuinely fail to notice). While many of them just pretend to have missed it, others fail to compliment. Men think that their masculinity reduces when they admit noticing women. When a man compliments his girlfriend in front of his friends, he is teased immediately and is asked to ‘buckle up and be a man’.

Over the years, men fear of admitting facts that they know about women, to maintain their ‘manliness’. So, here are 3 such things that men never say out loud.

I love my girl to make the first move


Men may be the ‘superior’ gender to the outside world; but, when it comes to the four walls of a bedroom, they like women to take charge. “I love it when my girl rips me apart with her sexual moves that at the end of ‘it’ I puff and huff like I just ran for Olympics!” says Rahul, 28. Whether it is a smile, or a chance to brush against him, men love it when women make the ‘move’. Be the boss in the bedroom and rule his manliness seductively.

I like confident women

Whether you are a plus-sized woman or a supermodel does not matter as far as you are confident about yourself. According to Glamour, a beauty magazine, 78% of men would rather date a confident plus-size woman than an insecure supermodel. It is a stereotype that men desire only thin and physically sexy women. But let’s just say that men vary with their preferences. While some fancy slim fit women, others may like their partner to be pleasantly plump. Also, many women wonder if their man still loves them (in terms of physique) even after months and years of togetherness. Why would a man still make love to you, if he is apparently ‘losing his interest’? Do not expect a man to come down from his comfort zone and frequently appreciate your good looks. If he is with you, it’s because he likes you.

Don’t be fake in front of me

To abstain from breaking up, women tend to fake about the things that they assumingly like. If your boyfriend is a Chelsea (English football team) fan, you will tend to fake your interest towards football even though you have no clue of anything with regards to the game rules or the teams. In an attempt to match your likes with your partner’s you are forgetting to be yourself. Don’t come to a conclusion that men don’t notice such things. Honestly speaking, they observe such activities. Instead of being fake, learn to exhibit your likes in front of him. If he was meant to be yours, he will stay in spite of the differences.

So, it’s not only about robots and machineries; men also notice everything about the women they like. Let’s just say that while women constantly admit to such things, men don’t.

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