4 Household Repair Works That Women Must Know


Come on ladies, you don’t want your men coming home tired as ducks, only to pick up tools and repair the tube light. Give your old men a break from so much fatigue and pick up the trappings yourself. There are so many things that go into making a house, which you turn into a home later. That’s why you’re called a ‘home-maker’. There are certain things that you must know how to do, to repair your ‘home sweet home’ if it needs sprucing up. Here are 4 of them to begin with. Painting the walls:

Paint your walls yourself

Most movies show the stars painting their own houses; if they can do it, so can you!

Painting up the walls of your house can make a huge difference to revamp the interiors of your humble abode. But there are certain things that you must keep in mind… if the paint job is done well, it can add advantage and value to your house, and if not done well, then you’ll just have a sloppy looking house that your neighbours can laugh at. Nope, we don’t want that. Before you paint your house, do a survey of all your walls. Are there any cracks? Installations? Fixtures? Remove all these obstacles and get started. Knock out:

Fixing a door knob is really easy

Fixing a door knob is as easy as locking or unlocking it

The doors in your house may look very innocent but we all know that they do act up at times. Wooden doors, for instance, can swell in humid climate, if there isn’t enough room to accommodate expansion between the door and the frame. Be sure to inspect the door, to make sure there aren’t any loose hinges or screws that could be causing the door to get shaky. Tighten loose screws by first placing a door wedge to balance the weight. Squeaky faucets and leaky taps:

With a little bit of research on the net, you'll easily be able to fix a leaky tap

With a little bit of help from us, you’ll easily be able to fix a leaky tap

Fixing a leaky faucet is one of the most common household repairs. It sounds like an insignificant problem, but all those drips add up to make a swimming pool for the knives and forks. But you can easily fix this without expert intervention. Start by shutting of the water supply to the faucet/tap, and unscrew the handle to remove it. Using a pair of pliers, remove the packing nut. Next, remove the washer and examine it. Usually a deteriorated washer is the reason for the leakage. If you need to replace it with another one, contact your plumber or maintenance store. Install the new washer and screw it tight. Put all the nuts and screws back in their place. Hello Mrs. Muscle, your tap has been fixed. Unclogging the toilet:

Dealing with clogged toilets can be messy but it's nothing you can't do

Dealing with clogged toilets can be messy, but it’s nothing you can’t do

Yes, we know it sounds yucky, but got to do what you ought to do. Toilet problems are so stressful because there is usually some sort of an ahem, urgency involved. However you must not panic. If you have a clogged toilet, try pouring a bucketful of hot water down the drain and wait for the water to flush down the blockage. If that doesn’t work, use a plunger to clear the toilet. Accordion plungers are usually quite effective. Get one that’s a perfect size, and make sure the suction cup of the plunger is completely covered in water. And plunge your way through.   There you go ladies, repair work is usually not that difficult and you can always get it done all by yourself.

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