4 Offbeat Nail Art Hacks For Perfectly Profish Nails


If you’re patient and have a great manicurist hidden inside, you can make all sorts of nail art! You don’t have to be super creative to be able to make beautiful designs on your nails, because we are here to back you up! So get your manicure kits out and try these fun, profish, offbeat nail art hacks to impress your buddies all out!

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Ziploc nail art:

What an amazing way to get accurate nail art on each nail!

What an amazing way to get accurate nail art on each nail!

Not everyone is ambidextrous, and we can’t possibly make the same nail art on both our right and left hand nails. Usually, for the right-handed gals out there, the left hand looks well manicured but when it comes to doing the right hand… you get the picture, don’t you? Since we’re just not fine-tuned to create art with our non-dominant hand, here’s a fun solution! Create the design you want on a Ziploc bag and let it dry. Once they dry, peel them off carefully and stick ‘em on your nails. Finish with a coat of clear gloss and voila! Exact same deign on each and every nail.

Cling-wrap nail art:

Who knew that plastic wraps can be used for nail art too...

Who knew that plastic wraps can be used for nail art too…

Did you think the perfect marble nails could only be done at a posh salon? Wrong! Here’s a smart hack – paint your nails with a base colour and let it dry completely. Then top it up with a contrasting colour and quickly dab the cling wrap on the nail. Did you see how it transformed your nails into a piece of marble?! Gloss it up and you’re good to go.

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Corn caps French mani:

An easy French manicure idea.

An easy French manicure idea.

Err, not sure about that? Wait till you try it. After you’ve applied a base coat to your nails, let it dry and stick a corn cap on each of the nail, leaving out the tips. Paint your tips in whatever colour you want and let it dry. Carefully peel off the corn caps and you’ll have the neatest Frenchie ever.

Fan brush stripes:

Try this genius nail hack next time you're feeling artsy!

Try this genius nail hack next time you’re feeling artsy!

Love the thin stripes, but can’t get them right? Fret not; all you need is the fan brush from your makeup kit. Apply a base colour and let it dry. Then dip your (clean, dry) fan brush in another colour and shake off the excess. Use the brush to swipe the thinnest of stripes on your nails and there you have it… salon-style stripey nails! You can use as many as colours as you please.

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Now start experimenting with your nails, and tell us which one you enjoyed creating the most!

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