4 Reasons Why Cricket Should Be The National Game Of India


They say India is a land of Yogis (read calm and peaceful), but anyone who has even remotely looked at cricket matches on television or in the stands would say that it is a land of fanatics. The frenzy that comes along with any international match is unparallel. Such is the madness surrounding the game, that it has even been considered as a religion that unites all religions in the country. So, it’s only natural that questions such as “Why isn’t cricket the national sport of India?” We thought of this as an opportunity to list out some points which prove that cricket should definitely be the national game of India.

#1 Kids love it and so do the elders

A common sight that you may see in the lanes and the bylanes of the cities and towns across the country, you’d notice kids playing cricket. The sport is ingrained in the genes of the people of this country. Not only is it fun, but the different formats and the fact that you’ve got loads of company only makes it an enticing prospect. The sour few notwithstanding, the general population including the elders love the sport and support children to let fly.

#2 It’s organised as hell

It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to predict that cricket in this country is pretty organized. Right from school cricket, to the state associations to the big league, the game has been managed beautifully. The parent body Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) has set a great example of organisational excellence. The result — a sport that has turned into a money-spinning machine. A level playing field for all ensures that talent is spotted early and chances are given where they are due.

#3 Career prospects galore

An upside to cricket being organised is that anyone willing to put in the hard work gets his just reward. With many local, state and national tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities to shine. But, this isn’t just a hit-and-miss thing like other sports. Local cricketers earn a decent livelihood just by playing cricket which makes it an all the more viable career option.  With the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) lesser known people have got a chance to go toe-to-toe with the legends of the game and bask in the limelight.

#4 The country follows it

Ask anyone from the elders to the women in the house, everyone knows the names of the cricketers. But, ask who Subrata Paul or Anoop Kumar is and they’ll scratch their heads in vain. The cricketers whether big or small are demigods in their own right and every move of theirs makes news. Prime time coverage is a right that the sport has achieved and people tend to latch on to every information — the more the merrier.

Not that there was any doubt about cricket’s importance in this nation, but these 4 points just do away with any speck of doubt that there might be.

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