4 Reasons Why Your Own Soul Is Your Ultimate Mate!


“There is no need to reach high for the stars. They are already within you – just reach deep into yourself!” – Unknown

Just type “How to find your soul mate?” on a search engine, and you’ll be staggered by the number of results present in the blogosphere. There are also thousands of books that claim to outline splendid techniques of attracting your soul mate. Soul mates are a manifestation of your inner soul and emotions. So, do you think preposterous techniques which aim at attracting soul mates with superficial things like money and beauty work? And even if they do, are you certain the person you manage to attract will be an expression of yourself, and will understand you better than anybody else?

We get involved in relations when we think we’ve found our life-partner. But will he/she be your soul mate till eternity? As a matter of fact, nobody else, except you can become the source of your true fulfilment. Here are the 4 reasons why you should explore a greater dimension of yourself and make it your soul mate for life:


1.       You can expect anything from yourself!

We often expect something or the other from others, especially the ones who are close to our hearts. And sometimes when they fall short of those expectations, it leads to a tinge of resentment in relationships. But by making your own soul your mate, you can know what can be expected from you – after all you are the one who knows yourself the best! You’ll understand what expectations are realistic and what aren’t, which will also help you to become more understanding and empathetic towards others.

2.       You will rediscover yourself

To explore your soul and know more about it, assess your weak and strong points and stop making judgments about your own self. You’ll be able to touch your own soul profoundly once you get to know how wonderful you are! Do not detest yourself even if you’ve committed mistakes that weren’t expected from you. We all make mistakes and end up in repugnant situations sometimes; but aren’t humans bound to make follies? Such experiences provide an invaluable learning opportunity and help us to understand who we exactly are and what we stand for.

3.       You will learn to accept yourself

This happens even when we are in a relationship with others. With time, we start ignoring their flaws and emphasize on their good qualities. Similarly, once you get to know more about yourself, you’ll shift your focus from your shortcomings to your strengths. This doesn’t imply that you should simply embrace complacency and not make efforts to fill in the loopholes to become a better person. Accepting yourself is a process where you start considering yourself unique and this in turn boosts your self-confidence.

4.       You will understand the true meaning of Love

How can you fall in love with others if you don’t love yourself? The reunion between your lost self and newly found positive energy will teach you what love is all about. It will make you stronger person and teach you how to accept others with their imperfections.


Stop wasting endless hours and years in the attempt of finding your soul mate. You’ve already met your soul mate and it is right inside you. You just need to understand it in a deeper sense. Making your own soul your mate certainly doesn’t mean never falling in love and becoming a narcissist. It is just a way of unleashing the power of experiencing happiness and acknowledging your true potential.



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