4 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married


You might have attained a marriageable age and you might have even met someone who is a perfect fit as your life partner, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to tie the knot and enter into a new phase of life that demands complete commitment. Marriage is certainly an imperative part of everyone’s life, but due to emotional pressure we sometimes walk down the aisle without an inkling of what our true emotions are. And hence we only repent later.

To know whether you fall in this category or not, read the following signs and ask yourself if you are 100% ready to get married:

1.      Your partner is the only one who makes plans


 If your partner is the only one who is all excited for the wedding and you aren’t helping him/her in their endeavor to make the wedding a memorable occasion, you need to re-think about your marriage. Probably you are not being honest to yourself and subconsciously you are still afraid to get married. First of all, you must ask yourself why you are getting married. Is it because you really want to get married or because you don’t want to hurt or lose your fiancé/fiancée? Do you get a headache when he/she talks about marriage plans or feel uneasy shopping for a wedding dress? If yes, listen to the messages your mind is sending and ponder over your decision.

 2.      You are getting married because your friends are married


All your friends are either getting engaged or entering into serious relationships, so you think you should also do the same and get married so that you aren’t left out. Marriage isn’t a competition, and until and unless you are absolutely sure you want to accept the challenges that come along with matrimonial bliss, don’t even think of getting married! Indian parents are known to pressurize their kids into marriage once they reach a certain age and things turn worse when all of your friends are married, as your parents start comparing you with your friends. If you are sceptical or feel unsure about your ability to cope up with marital responsibilities, talk to your loved ones about it instead of blindly jumping off the cliff.

3.      You think marriage will mark the end of your current life


Ask yourself at what cost are you entering into this marriage? Will you have to give up your further studies, career, ambitions, goals and even friends and family? If yes, unfortunately the cost is too high. Evaluate the pros and cons of your relationship. Will your marriage be too demanding and leave you emotionally bankrupt? Or will it beautifully merge two lives together? Talk to your partner about your expectations and personal goals. Remember, getting married doesn’t mean abandoning dreams.

4.      You avoid thinking about your married life


In other words, thinking about your married life gives you goosebumps. Whenever your fiancé/fiancée is talking about his/her expectations regarding how you both will handle children, sex, money or divide tasks, you tend to change the topic and focus on the present instead. If thinking about your married life fills you with dread and trepidation instead of excitement, it’s high time you get honest with yourself and your fiancé/fiancée about your true feelings.

If you found yourself nodding your head “Yes!” to any of the above mentioned signs, don’t panic. It definitely doesn’t mean that something is terribly wrong with you and you will end up all alone. It just means that you are a normal human being who isn’t ready to get married at this stage of life. Marriage is no child’s play; so, ensure that you marry someone only if you are 100% sure about them. For this you need to be honest with yourself as you are the only one who can understand your qualms better than anybody else.



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