4 style faux pas that make you look fat


One question that every woman asks frequently is – “Do I look fat?” And honestly we always expect the answer to be in the negative. After all we spend a lot of time, energy and money on shopping for the best fads and styles that are in vogue. But at certain times, our choices could lead to terrible fashion disasters. Selecting the wrong apparels may make you look fatter! It isn’t always necessary to stick to the latest trend, as it may not really flatter our bodies. Here are some style mistakes that make you look fat:

Wearing your boyfriend’s clothes:

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Sometimes we do feel that some of the men’s garments look really smart and they could look smarter on women, after tailoring it. Sadly however, that is not always the case. Men’s wear pieces like suits, button-down jackets, and hoodies are safe apparels but other than these, it’s better to stay away from your guy’s wardrobe. A tee meant for guys will not look as good on you as it does on him. The reason being, that it was tailored for someone without bosoms and bottoms.

Wearing ill fitting clothes:



If you wear clothes that don’t fit you well you will end up looking 5-7 kilos fatter. No really, clothes that hang down your shoulders and do not flatter your figure can add inches to your overall look.

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Wearing skin fit dresses and jeans:

Fat girls must remain away from skinny jeans

Fat girls must remain away from skinny jeans

A skin fitting dress will highlight the problem areas like thighs, hips, and belly flab. Opt for a comfortable flowy dress and pair it with your favourite stilettos. Skinny jeans are also a huge fashion disaster. They look good only on skinny people. If you don’t fall into the skinny category then you must stay away from this fad that’s gripped the fashion world.

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Prefer vertical stripes over horizontal ones

Prefer vertical stripes over horizontal ones

Choosing the right patterns and prints is crucial to the T. Bold horizontal stripes are a complete no-no as they make you look heavier instantly. Try picking thinner patterns that would not make you look bulky.

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