The 4 Types Of Managers Living In The Corporate Jungle


The much praised working class always has something or the other on their mind. Such is their life, that they don’t have much to show other than work, and they have their managers to thank for this. While there may be different kinds of species roaming the face of the earth, in the corporate jungle there are 4 types of managers that rule the roost. Read on, to know which one you are dealing with.

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The Whip

These types of managers usually treat employees like school students.

This type of a manager usually treats his employees like school students.

Yes, you’d think these types of managers are straight out of army school. They are strict disciplinarians who want to be in total command of the situation. Not to mention that they want total commitment of the employees who work under them. Hard tasks and long hours are part of being in their team. The good thing about them is your hard work is recognized and duly appreciated. Caution: Sweet talking and slack attitude can land you in a soup.

The Number Cruncher

At first glance, you’d think you are dealing with a statistician and not a manager; such is the emphasis on numbers and data. While ‘The Whip’ is focused on the larger picture, The Number Cruncher is betting heavily on the ‘process’ that has been laid out. The meticulous planners that they are, these types of managers leave very little scope for you to express yourself. The good part is that they always set achievable targets. The way out of this mess is simple — learn to love numbers and statistics.

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The Church Mouse

Soft-spoken and kind, these are the types of managers who are introverts by nature. They are content in sitting back and working around with their team in a quiet and unassuming manner. They rarely take pressure and feel that others in the team should do the same. Now, that’s all cool, until the work pressure is too hot to handle. They aren’t the ones to shirk responsibility, but fall flat in the face of adversity, as they aren’t battle-hardened.  A disoriented team is the side effects; but then every man for himself, wasn’t that a lesson taught to us long back!

The Go Getter

If you're lucky you'll find the perfect manager who helps you grow, types of managers,

If you’re lucky you’ll find the perfect manager who helps you grow with the organization you work for

Now, they are the dream managers that everyone whether experienced or a fresher who joins a firm is looking for. Calm and composed from the outside, but a ball of fire from the inside, they are out there to create a difference. They value the employees who work under them and are quick to back them in times of needs. They set high standards and encourage the team to go beyond their own boundaries. But don’t consider them as emotional fools as they do value work on an equal level as their relationships. Disclaimer: Good luck finding them.

So, which one of these 4 types of managers does your manager resemble, let us know and share their uniqueness with us.

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