5 beliefs that damage your hair


We all take utmost care of our hair, lest it looks lifeless and scanty so much so that it hampers our appearance. We believe whatever other people say in the name of tips to enhance the density or growth of our hair. If only we do a little research to know if the information we receive is true, we can actually protect our hair from various chemicals that we expose it to.

Here are five hair care beliefs that can actually cause damage to your hair.

Belief 1: Comb your hair for better results


Everything is good when you take it in the right amount. It is true that combing your hair can regulate blood circulation in your scalp and help your hair to be tangle-free. But, overdoing it can damage your hair. Also, using closely-toothed combs can pull the hair off the follicles making the strands weak. It is advisable for you to use wide-toothed combs and avoid combing your hair frequently, because, by doing the latter, you are causing irritation to your scalp and damaging your follicles.

Belief 2: Frequent shampooing prevents oily hair


Hormones and genetic factors are the reasons for an oily scalp. Shampooing helps in cleansing our scalp and hair, and has no control on the oil effect. Moreover, too much shampooing can damage your hair and make it brittle thereby leading to excessive hair fall.

Belief 3: Hair products are solutions for split ends


Split ends occur if your hair is not oiled or cleansed regularly. The only solution to it is to trim off the split ends from time-to-time or indulge in applying oil and cleansing your hair regularly. Hair products cannot solve split ends but can only thin down your wallet.

Belief 4: Frequent trimming helps hair grow


Hair grows from the roots and has nothing to do with trimming off the edges. Actually, trimming hair can only improve your looks or alter it. But, it has nothing to do with hair growth. You must know that frequent trimming can actually slow down its growth.

Belief 5: Animal protein is the best for hair


If animal protein is the best for good hair, how can vegetarians take care of it? Though animal protein like eggs, chicken and fish is actually good for your hair; lentils, nuts, soya and milk products can also be consumed for healthy hair growth.

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