5 Best Ways To Combat Sweat In Summer


The summer sun is scorching us and simply adding to our daily beauty problems. Sweating may be healthy but it’s sticky and feels gross. Not only that, sweat also causes skin infection and gives rise to body odour. So embarrassing! But don’t lose heart, guys; so what if we can’t help sweating, at least we can stop it from messing with our looks. Here are a few great ways to combat sweat and remain confident all through the summer!

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100 percent organic cotton clothes help to combat sweat

Organic cotton clothing is best for summer

Wear the right fabric: Skin friendly fabrics like cotton and linen are light and easily let the air pass through, thereby allowing the skin to breathe easily. Try to wear 100% cotton clothing in summer.

Wear loose clothing: Tight clothes stick to our skin and don’t allow our pores to breathe, this further results in sweating. Wear loose clothing to help your skin breathe better and produce less sweat.

Use deodorants and antiperspirants: Sweating means dealing with body odour. Avoid embarrassing situations by using deodorants and antiperspirant sticks or sprays. Most antiperspirants contain special ingredients that reduce the production of sweat, so try to pick the best one that suits your needs.

Man using deo to combat sweat

Use deodorants to get rid of body odour

Apply fruit packs: Our sweat glands are over active during the humid months. If summers are humid where you live, then you must calm your sweat glands by using a cooling fruit pack on your face and body, once a week. This will help produce less sweat and it will also cure sunburn! Alternatively, you may also place an ie pack on your sweaty zones (armpits, face, neck) to close the pores and stop spot sweating.

Apply fuller’s earth: Fuller’s earth or multani mitti contains many cooling properties and can reduce sweat and sebum to a great extent. In olden days, multani mitti was used as a soap or body wash to achieve silky smooth and glowing skin. It has natural anti-bacterial properties which combat body odour causing bacteria and make you feel fresh.

Woman applying fuller's earth To Combat Sweat,

Fuller’s earth is a great remedy for oily, sweaty skin

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