5 Hottest Cricketers Who Score 9ers On The Sexy Index


The game of cricket has always been the gentleman’s game. The term “HOT” has often not been associated with a majority of cricketers. But, once in a while the game throws up some surprises. In its long history there has never been a time when so many hot cricketers have battled it out in one era.

We pick five hottest cricketers among them that would score a 9 on the sexy index.

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1. Brett Lee

Brett Lee looking hot handsome sexy

Brett Lee

He is fast, he swings it and has the looks of a rockstar. The Aussie pace machine has chocolate boy looks that could melt any girl’s heart. Apart from his magnificent cricketing skills and jaw dropping looks, the man is a singer, song writer and is part of a rock band ‘Six And Out’. He also has a fascination for learning new languages and speaks a bit of Hindi too. Definitely the king of hottest cricketers!

2.  Virat Kohli

Virat Kholi hot sexy handsome dashing

Virat Kohli cools off after some pool exercises

The modern batting maestro has it all going for him at the moment. He is a little brash, doesn’t hide his emotions and has one of the best tattooed bodies going around. In the current Indian team, you can easily call him the most fashion conscious player. And he wants to express his sense of style. For that, he has started his own line of clothing ‘Wrogn’ [Nay, it isn’t a typo from our end!].

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3. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson Cute hot sexy looking cricketer

Mitchell Johnson (Img source: Getty images)

If you ever happen to bump into Mitchell Johnson on a road in Australia you’d easily consider him as a hot surfer or a male model for a fashion magazine. The guy has perhaps the best physique in the world of Cricket. His amazing looks and aggressive fast bowling has led to his photos being flashed on various fashion magazines and newspapers. The handlebar moustache which he donned during the 2014 Ashes series went on to become a rage among the youth.

4.  Kevin Pietersen

Hot cute sexy Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen

The hard hitting South African born English batsman is another guy who has a thing for style and fashion. When he first arrived on stage, he looked more like a rockstar than a cricketer. He played with a flair that was quite unlike the reserved English way of playing. This flair is what made him the darling of English fans. Although, he has toned down his flashy manners, he is every bit the style icon that has breathed new life into English cricket.

5. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn hot cute sexy cricketer

Dale Steyn

He is fast, mean and is aggressively stylish. ‘Steyn Gun’, as he is popularly called by the cricketing world, is as much a hit outside the field as he is inside it. The South African speedster has an inclination for quirky hairstyles and they make headlines every time.  His good looks and perfect physique ensures he gets quite a few ad deals; take the IPL season, for example.

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These 5 hottest cricketers are really putting forward a good precedent in the game of cricket and we only wish that many more follow their fashionable footsteps.

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