5 Cute And Simple Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days


We all have those days when our hair doesn’t seem to want to do what it should – look good! Bad hair days can be nightmarish but you’ll be surprised at how these cute and simple hairstyles can be total lifesavers in terms of concealing the inevitable agony that messy, greasy hair brings.

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Here are some cute and simple hairstyles perfect for those bad hair days.

Slick it back: Ever looked at those models on the runway with the highly glamorous slicked back hairstyle? This one could actually work! Don’t fret over the mid-week greasy hair that makes you feel like crawling under the desk whenever your cute floor manager walks by your desk. Change your look in less than a minute to a glamorous slicked-back pony tail! Watch the video for directions.

Twisted bangs: If you’re tired of trying to style your bangs every day with a flat iron or a curling iron then just skip the early morning hassle. And try this super easy trick! All you need is a few bobby pins and you’ll have no messy or misbehaving bangs anymore!


Messy high bun: When it comes to fixing bad hair days, nothing beats the bun. So, of course, this messy high bun had to make it to this list. Tease your hair well if you’d like to add more volume to this look, and watch the video for directions.


Twisted side bun: I think I have a slight weakness for buns. But if you’re a diva at heart, you’ll agree with me that this hairstyle is totally fabulous! If your hair won’t stay in place the second or third day after you washed it, try this quick and easy twisted side bun. Here’s how to get this look:


French twisted up-do: If you’re planning to go for a lunch date and your hair isn’t on the same page as you, this hairstyle would save you all the trouble! A little bit of twisting and wrapping your hair will give you this gorgeous French style twisted up-do that look super chic (but is really easy to create).


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