5 Easy Freezes For A Bboy Beginner


Here is a set of 5 easy freezes that every person aspiring to be a bboy must learn. Please make sure that warm up well, this has been said time and time again. This is because we don’t want your parents coming to us saying that because of y’all my son/daughter injured their body. So please make sure you do your warm-ups well and then try it out. Enjoy!

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  1. Baby Freeze
This is how you do a simple baby freeze

This is how you do a simple baby freeze

The Baby Freeze is one of the most basic and fundamental move that every Bboy should know. If you are someone who hasn’t learnt the freeze then you shouldn’t call yourself a Bboy. Don’t worry; learning it is not all that hard. Here is a short video that will teach you how to do a simple Baby Freeze.

  1. Shoulder Freeze
This complicated looking shoulder freeze is actually quite easy!

This complicated looking shoulder freeze is actually quite easy!

The second freeze that every beginner is expected to learn is the shoulder freeze. When practicing or performing this move please make sure you warm up well before executing it or else you might strain your neck. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with your girlfriend with a strained neck because she might think you had a very rough night, if you know what I mean! You obviously wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? Here is fun video that will teach you how exactly to do a shoulder freeze. Enjoy!

  1. Headstand
A beginner's head stand

A beginner’s head stand

We now come to the third and most exciting freeze that you should know and that is the headstand. Oh yes! There is a move called the headstand and you guessed it right you do have to stand on your head. Ummm… I was just kidding you’re totally wrong, how can you or anyone stand on your head. It’s just not possible but you can balance on it. You most definitely can here’s how you can do it. Click here to learn it!

  1. Chair Freeze
Here's how a basic chair freeze looks like

Here’s how a basic chair freeze looks like

The fourth most important basic freeze is the chair freeze. Just because it’s called the chair freeze doesn’t mean that anyone can sit on you. When you perform this move make sure your wrists are well stretched. So if you’re waiting in a long queue or waiting for the bus you can just pop a chair freeze like this one, and relax comfortably. LOL!

  1. Handstand
The handstand is also the easiest freeze to learn

The handstand is also the easiest freeze to learn

The fifth basic freeze in Bboying is called the Handstand. The name of the move must have frightened you, but chill out it is very easy to execute and practice. All what you have to is find a wall may be at home or a parking lot. Once you have found your wall, the next step is to place your hands palms faced down firmly on the ground. Now comes the fun part, you have throw your legs in the air and rest it on the wall as a support, but remember your legs have to be kept straight you cannot bend them. So basically your entire body will be in a vertical position and it will look something like this or perhaps like this.

(Note: Make sure you don’t do this in public or people might think you’ve run away from the circus and you’re putting on a show for them.)

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Once you have perfected all of these basic freezes you can call yourself a bboy and if you want you can battle anyone. It’s time to get your grove on, so let’s get that body moving to the beat.


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