5 Easy Hairstyles For The Lazy Diva


Sometimes you just don’t feel like taking your own sweet time to get ready but you still want to look pretty without trying. If you can relate to that, congratulations, you’re part of our lazy diva club! Today our team at The Brunette Diaries was feeling very lazy and we invented this club just for the sake of this feature. So there you are, 5 amazingly easy hairstyles that make you look like a diva that you are!

Barbie French Braided Bangs

Barbie French braided bangs

Barbie French braided bangs

Step 1: Separate your bangs and make a single loop of a normal braid. Once you’ve made the first loop, add a small section of hair to the right and left sections and make another loop. After the second loop, add another small section of hair to the right and left sections and make the third loop. Repeat this process to make at least four or five loops.

Step 2: Once you’ve made your braid, brush the ends neatly and pin it to your crown. Finger comb your hair to flatten any fly-aways, and you’re done! This hairstyle is called the Barbie French braided bangs as Barbie was seen wearing it in a popular film!

Criss-Cross Half-Do

Criss-cross half-do

Criss-cross half-do

Step 1: Tie the top section of your hair at the crown into a half pony tail.

Step 2: Take the hair from both sides of your head and criss-cross them over the pony tail.

Step 3: Tuck the loose ends under the pony tail and secure with bobby pins. And there you have the most beautiful criss-cross half-do!

Low Messy Bun

Low messy bun

Low messy bun

Step 1: Tie the top section of your hair at the crown away, using a hair clip.

Step 2: Tie the bottom section into a pony tail and let the hair near your temples hand loose.

Step 3: Undo the hair at the crown and start twisting it towards the pony tail. Wrap it around the pony tail once and incorporate the pony tail into the remaining section. Continue to twist the pony tail along with the rest of the hair and wrap it around creating a messy bun. Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 4: Grab the section on the left and start twisting it towards the bun and wrap it around the bun completely. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat the same on the other side

Step 5: Tuck any loose ends into the bun and secure it with more bobby pins. Voila! Low messy bun, perfect for any Christmas party!

Basic Double Knot

Basic double knot

Basic double knot

Step 1: Tie the top section of your hair at the crown into a half pony tail, using a transparent hair elastic. Then take the hair from both sides of your head (close to the temples) and make a basic knot right on top of the hair elastic.

Step 2: Make another knot on top of the first one and tuck the loose ends away. Secure the hair with bobby pins.

Knotted Bun:

Knotted bun

Knotted bun

Step 1: Start by making the Double knot and continue to grab another section of hair from both sides and make another double knot.

Step 2: After the second double knot, divide the hair that’s left hanging down into two sections.

Step 3: Using the two final sections, make a final double knot.

Step 4: Twist the remaining loose ends over and around the final double knot.

Step  5: Wrap the twisted section completely to form a bun.

Step 6: Secure any loose ends with bobby pins and hey presto! The elegant knotted bun that looks like it took hours to make.

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