5 Fashion Tips For Navratri



NAVRATRI is synonymous with the colorful heavy costume that the garba lovers adorn themselves with and have a blast dancing for hours. But for some who are occasional Navratri celebrants, the typical costume might hinder their dance and make them feel heavy. So here are some light yet fashionable fashion tips for you to dance your hearts out at Navratri.

1) Choose the right footwear

Nagre or mojaris are desi footwear which are both, comfortable & fashionable. Wear them for your easy dancing. You can also wear any other flat sandals or fancy chappals. AVOID HEELS no matter how fashionable they look.

Img 1

2) Find a long skirt to act as a lehenga

Bandini skirts or any fashionable cotton skirt will give you the fancy gheras when you swirl like a princess on the dance floor. It won’t be as heavy as the regular costume of dandiya or garba dancers.

Img 2

3) Get a fancy crop top or a multipurpose blouse

A readymade multipurpose blouse does the job of giving you an Indianized look or a similar crop top with jazzy sequence will do well for a Navratri celebration.

Img 3

4) Tie your dupatta the Gujju way
No Navratri look is complete without a dupatta. Get a dupatta which goes well with your outfit and tie it the Gujju way and dance away.

Img 4

5) Glam it up with jewellery

When your costume is sober and classy that is when you can use the heavy Indian jewellery to bring a good contrast to your attire. Lovely jhumkas with lovely thumkas are a perfect combination, right?

Img 5

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