5 Flirting Mistakes Every Girl Makes


Flirting is the best and most effective way to let a guy know that you’re into him. It demonstrates confidence and the guy can see your intriguing and feminine side. However, if your flirting goes overboard it could backfire and the result could be disastrous. Take my advice… if you really want it to work, then avoid these 5 flirting mistakes every girl makes.

Never Play Mind Games

Playing hard to get is what every girl does to a guy. It may work on a few occasions, but any kind of guy has his self-respect to keep up to. He will obviously not go chasing after a girl who is interested in playing games. It’s always better to show a little interest in the guy or else there are many fishes in the sea and he might just move on.

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Stop Being ‘The Forever Damsel In Distress’

Men often like it when a woman asks him for help. He feels like he is being helpful and his inner hero comes out. However, make sure you don’t go overboard and keep asking him for help; otherwise, he will feel that he is being used and will instantly back away from you.  Men don’t like chicks who nag too much.

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Don’t Get Too Clingy


Dont get too clingy

Men don’t like girls who are too clingy or possessive.

Men literally don’t like women who are too clingy or possessive. If you are holding your man’s arm when he is talking to friends, ensure you don’t get jealous or possessive and take him away from them. The most important thing is, if you see him talking to another girl, please don’t get too clingy or else he will think you’re a psycho.

How Touchy You Get

Always be careful how touchy you get with a guy. Touching him incessantly may lead him to think that you are looking for a fling and not a serious relationship. Also, try to limit or avoid the use of sexual jokes, because again it will make him think that you are only interested in hook-ups. If you’re really interested in a hook up, then by all means please go ahead and do the aforementioned.

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Avoid Giggling Non-Stop

Avoid giggling non-stop

Control your laughter. Don’t go overboard.

Men do appreciate it when you laugh at their jokes, but if you’re overdoing it he can easily make that out. If he cracks a horrible joke, you don’t need to laugh only to impress him, because he knows when he has cracked a PJ. You’ll only end up making a fool of yourself in front of the entire crowd. (Note: Girls who giggle for no rhyme or reason are also a big turn off for guys.)

Flirting is a game of the minds. If you play your cards right, I can guarantee you can impress any guy that you set your eyes on. Flirting is not an art, it’s a skill.

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