5 Life Skills Kids Should Learn Before They Turn 10


Most kids in this world have a very sharp memory and a keenness to pick up things. It is this time when parents should be at the top of their game. Spotting potential early is an essential part of parenting. But then there is more to it than just that. Cultivating essential life skills is equally important. In case you as a parent are at a loss about what we are talking about, worry not; these are the life skills kids should learn before they complete a decade of their life.

1. Get them curious


Children by all standards are curious, some though are curious but are shy to express themselves. This is where parents should step in and put them at ease. What benefits does it have?  Easy… a child that can ask questions and is curious enough to ask understands the art of self-learning – a precious commodity in today’s world, by all means.

2. Problem solving – your very own Sherlock

problem solving

Curiosity brings with it the desire to solve the question at hand. And it is this very problem solving skills that get them to the top. A problem no matter how small, if solved, can give them the much needed confidence going ahead. Trying to save the day, after all, is the name of the game; and every new day brings new challenges all of which can be faced with ease.

3. Independence is the thing


Being independent is a big thing! Most parents don’t realize this fact and cajole their children beyond limits. If the kids are ingrained with the quality of independence right from the start it gives them a head start in the race of life. After a few successes, a few defeats, they’ll understand how life works and deal with the situations arising in front of them.

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4. Compassion


In this ultra aggressive world, it pays to be a compassionate soul, and what better time to drill in that skill than when they are children. The best way in which you can do it is by being compassionate to them from the start. Ever heard of that saying “Children follow their parents’ footsteps”? Once they are keen on easing others’ sufferings, you can be rest assured your child is on track to being a good human.

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5. Tolerance


Too often parents are at a fault of being cagey and overprotective which leads to a fear of the unknown and new experiences. The result — intolerant children ready to break down at the smallest instance. Let them mix up with people from different backgrounds; let them understand their culture, only then will they truly understand the meaning of life.

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While we don’t endorse perfection, these 5 qualities could really do the trick for your child. Till then, happy parenting!

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