5 Minute Milkshake With Your Favourite Chocolate Bar


What would you do if I told you that now you can drink your favorite bar of chocolate every day! No, you aren’t still dreaming; when you ask for a chocolate bar milkshake, you get a chocolate bar milkshake alright. Let’s be honest, we all drool over Snickers bars, and Mars bars, and even Galaxy (mouth watering, isn’t it!) So how about packing a powerful milkshake for every breakfast going forward. Okay, so it has a little bit of extra calories, but if you take the stairs instead of the lift, it’s pretty much even ;)

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If you're feeling blue, this indulgent Snickers milk shake give you a much-needed sugar rush

If you’re feeling blue, this indulgent Snickers milk shake give you a much-needed sugar rush

Here’s the drool-worthy recipe for delicious Snickers milkshake: (you can use any chocolate bar of your choice)


3 and ½ Snickers bars

3 and ½ vanilla ice cream

3 and ½ tsp drinking chocolate

2 cups milk

Caramel sauce for topping

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Snicker bar milkshake in the making!

Snicker bar milkshake in the making!

Method: Roughly chop up your Snickers bars, and don’t worry if all pieces are not the same size, you’d love the chunky bits in the end. Save a spoonful and toss the rest into the jug of your milkshake maker or food processor (you may also use a hand-held blender). Next, add the milk, drinking chocolate and 1 cup of ice cream and blend them together until smooth. Then add another cup of ice cream and slowly blend again so that the consistency remains somewhat thick. Finally add your remaining Snickers chunks and ice cream (remaining 1 and ½ cups) and blend lightly to make it nice and thick. Transfer to a large milkshake glass and top it up with some caramel sauce.

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And that’s about it! Yummilicious, delicious, chocolate milkshake that tastes like Snickers! If you’re feeling experimental, go ahead add your favorite chocolate instead of Snickers; do you like mars, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, or Galaxy? Add whatever you like and go slurp, slurp, slurp!  :P

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