5 Proven Techniques To Enhance Memory Multifolds


#5 is a favourite

We all crave for that incredible photographic memory, the power to remember things old and new. Not forgetting our near dear ones’ birthday is perhaps the primary reason for that. Needless to say, none of us is blessed like Mike Ross from ‘Suits’, but whatever little we have by the grace of God can be kept intact. So, before we all forget the topic of discussion, let’s have a look at the proven techniques to enhance memory.

#1 Mind games, anyone?


Solving puzzles helps boost memory

Generally, mind games are considered bad, and rightfully so. The kinds of mind games we are talking about are found on the computer, in newspapers, and books of the sort. Brain training activities like solving Sudoku or crossword puzzles may help to improve memory and slow down the rate of brain decline. The gamers though have an edge in this department as it has been proven to increase memory capacity. Now you know what to say when mom asks you to put the video game away. Those with a little less time on their hands can opt for Lumosity, a brain training website, for thorough training. What’s more, it is free of cost.

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#2 Eat right, feel right!

Are you the kind who gorges on burgers and pizzas? Well, think again. Foods that taste extremely good may satisfy your taste buds, but won’t help you to get the memory you desire. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables help protect your brain from the harmful free radicals that eat into your brain’s memory unit. A diet rich in legumes, pulses and fish helps your cause. So, take our advice and clip those taste buds a bit.

#3 Multitasking? Hell, no!


Multitasking can be a pain!

Ever thought about the reason why you tend to forget the location of the keys. Multitasking is the reason behind this mess. According to studies, it takes approximately 8 seconds to register any information. Focusing on a particular task for its entirety means that your brain doesn’t need to work over-time. Multi-tasking on a regular basis can chip away those important connections in your brain responsible for better memory. So, the next time your boss dumps you with loads of work, make sure you finish it one at a time.

#4 Up your skills quotient

Skills are an essential aspect of life and those who fail to update their skills miss out on a lot of things. What’s more, laziness has a detrimental effect on the wiring at the top. Learn a new language or two, play the piano if you haven’t. The brain will thank you and reward you with an improved version of itself. Quite a prospect indeed!

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#5 Let slumber be your friend


Sleeping well is a sure-shot way to a good memory

Who doesn’t like sleep, you may ask. But don’t fool yourself into making this mistake. Some people are just hell bent on beating the roosters at their own game. You, though, shouldn’t even be thinking along those lines. Make friends with your bed and see it help you in getting the awesome brain power that you so desire. Fun fact — Eight to nine hours of sleep on a daily basis makes it easier for the brain to shift your temporary memories into permanent storage. Now go ahead, slumber on with glee.

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The keys to a sharp memory has been given to you, it’s your turn now to put the brain car into overdrive.

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