5 Reasons To Enroll Your Kids in Summer Baking Classes By Eighth


Reasons To Enroll Your Kids in Baking Classes By Anurita Ghoshal

Do your kids love desserts? What if they could make them? Arouse a new-found love for baking, ingredients and a desire to make more and more in your kids with these summer baking classes by Anurita Ghoshal. Let your kids discover, explore and experiment with their baking skills! Because, how many other hobbies produce something both beautiful and delicious? Let your kids explore their artistic side by having them decorate cookies or cakes.

Here are 5 convincing reasons to enroll your kids for Anurita Ghoshal’s summer baking classes!

1. Her Expertise In Baking

Get your kids trained by one of the finest bakers in town. Anurita is a former advertising professional, who has practised her home baking skills at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she did a short course in pastry making before setting up her kitchen and studio in Bandra under the name “Eighth”. The name “Eighth” implies the 8th sin that comprises part lust, part greed, and part gluttony.

Anurita Ghoshal Expert At Baking And Trained At Le Cordon Bleu

2. Learning + Fun

Learning can never be boring when it comes to baking; and in Eighth’s classes, it’s always fun to learn. Students will learn to make different types of yummy cookies and cupcakes. Kids will be taught basics of baking, the terminology and how to use kitchen tools the right way. Children learn best and absorb the information when they are interested, so if they like baking, there are so many different opportunities you can use to help them – from picking the ingredients, to measuring them, to making them and finally waiting for them to get baked.

Summer Baking Classes By Anurita Ghoshal For Kids

3. Eat All You Make

What could be better than this? All the kids love everything sweet, and when they make those delicious cookies and fruit tarts, there’s no stopping them! The best part about these baking classes is that they can eat whatever they make and take some home too. At Eighth’s, your kids will be taught to make cookies, cakes and popsicles <3

eat everything you make

4. The Ideal Summer Activity!

Summer means heat, but worry not, Anurita’s baking classes are conducted in an air-conditioned facility with individual work stations for kids. Baking could be your child’s new favorite activity! Baking is time-consuming which also means that it will keep the kids occupied once they awaken the junior chef within them.

Baking Is the The Ideal Summer Activity

5. Teach Kids to Be Independent

Baking something delicious will make them feel more confident. Baking also means decorating, which means they get to be creative. Baking is fun, but it can also be messy. It’s a really important lesson for kids to learn that they have to tidy up after themselves. When kids are young, they cannot do anything for their parents on birthdays except for making a card. But now, they can bake you a fancy cake for your birthday, and nothing will make you happier than seeing the excitement in their eyes.

Teach Your Kids To Be Independent And Creative

Let your kids put on an apron and get their hands dirty with their next favorite thing to do – Baking! There’s nothing better than having children get comfortable in the kitchen and there’s no better time to start than now. Enroll your kids in the summer baking classes conducted by Anurita Ghoshal in Bandra, Mumbai. These classes are segregated in two age groups – Lil’ Chefs (7-9 years) and Junior Chefs (9+ years). The next batch starts on 22nd May, so go to this website and register your kids for these baking classes now!


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