5 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend


It is always good to know someone, before you start dating them. It gives you assurance whether the person will truly be your loved one. It’s like a tasting menu; you try out a sample and see what you’re getting yourself into. Usually, when you just get into a relationship, it’s always strong in the beginning. I strongly believe that dating your best friend is the best thing ever. Do you want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why you should date your best friend.

You Know Each Other’s Lives Very Well

you know each other well

You and your loved one know each other inside out.

When you date someone who is your best friend, you get to skip the boring parts like their history, which school they went to and about their family. Instead of all that, you can enjoy the fun part i.e. getting to know the other person on a more intimate level and what your relationship will be in the future. Now, isn’t that brilliant?

Comfort Levels With Each Other Are High

It takes a few weeks to feel completely at ease with someone new. But if you’re dating your bestie, you can skip all of that because you know each other so well. You can literally, blindly trust the other person because you know without a doubt that they will never break your trust or hurt you in any way. Not even once would you think that your bestie would share your personal moments with someone else. That is the level of trust and comfort you both share. Also read: 7 Dating Facts That Guys Think Women Need To Know

You Care For Each Other A Lot

Your respect for each other is very high. You care for one another on two levels, one is as a friend and the other is as your partner. This is a very good thing because you both will think ten times before hurting or upsetting each other. The value of your friendship will be equal to the love you have for one another. Also read: Dating rules for surviving a new relationship

Your Friend Circle Is The Same

friend circle is the same

When you and your bestie belong to the same group, dating becomes a lot easier.

Imagine a situation where in your loved one is form a different friend circle. It becomes difficult for you to chill with them because the comfort levels are not that great. But if you date your bestie who is form the same friend circle as you, the comfort levels are very high just simple because your friends are the same. So, there is nothing to feel shy about.

You’ve Helped Each Other Through Tough Times

Even best friends have fights. You may have hurt or insulted each other at some point in time, which you aren’t proud of. So what, you both still managed to sort the situation out and still be together. You know each other’s insecurities and helped them get through it; this proves that you both will continue to do the same even when you’re dating.

The Values Are The Same

Both you guys share the same values and morals, which is very important if you want to have a successful relationship. It is always good to know if the other person is like you because if they aren’t then there will be serious repercussions to your relationship. Also read: The First Date? Please DON’T Do This! So, go ahead and fall right in love with your bestie, because you know that it is a match made in heaven. Good luck to you :)

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