5 Reasons You Suffer From Acne Problems


If you are someone who suffers from acne problems frequently, anything can trigger it and make it even worse. It could be your diet, your workout and, even the city you live in can cause acne problems. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your skin, one way or the other you will always fall prey to the deadly acne. If you want to know why your skin is being attacked by acne, here are 5 reasons that lead to this problem.


acne on chin

Stress hormones mix with oil glands which lead to acne on chin

Stress increases androgen hormones that mix-up with the oil glands and leads to hormonal acne on the chin. The problem with stressed out people is they are always tensed, and due to that, pimples never leave them alone. If you want to reduce your acne problem, first you need to reduce your stress levels and you can do that by breathing in slowly through the nose and out through the mouth. Your anxiety rate reduces when you focus on your breathing.

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Sugar and refined carbs go straight for the chin and cause it to become red, and you get itchy bumps all over. The main culprit for this is yeast. This condition is called ‘acne rosacea’. The reaction of yeast in the hair follicles is what causes this to happen. Dermatologists say that it is better to cut down one particular food item that you eat regularly, eg. pasta, yogurt, white bread, etc, for three weeks to see if it reduces your acne problems.


If you are suffering from acne problems along the T-zone, it is usually due to pollution. The reason why one gets acne problems due to pollution is because of toxic gases called ground-level ozone that cause a chemical reaction with the natural oils in your skin. This changes their consistency from liquid to wax.

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Hot, humid climates stimulate the production of oil, which results in acne problems. That doesn’t mean people who stay in dry climate conditions are safe, they are equally prone to acne. All the moisture on your skin gets sucked out which leaves the cells dry. This results in flaking of the cells which block the pores. The way you can get rid of them, is by using an oil-free moisturizer.


Acne on forehead

Use of sweaty towels leads to acne on forehead

Acne problems around the forehead and the hairline are probably due to sweaty workout sessions you do at the gym. When you use your hands or towel to wipe your forehead, it causes pimples. Even a dirty towel can transmit the bacteria to your face. After you are done with your workout it is essential that you get out of your gym clothes and have a shower immediately. That is the only way you can prevent acne.

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Now that you know the trigger points that can lead to acne problems, ensure you take care of your skin properly and share your knowledge with others too.

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