5 Side Effects Of Long Distance Relationships


If you haven’t been in a long distance relationship and are planning to get into one, then you should definitely be prepared for the worst. You think it may start out wonderfully, but eventually things will go downhill, which makes for some of the most difficult experiences ever. No matter how confident you are and how stubborn she is, it just won’t work.  Here are 5 side effects of long distance relationships.

Distance Is An Issue

Distance is the main reason why a long distance relationship won’t work out. Usually couples say that, “No matter what the distance is, we’ll be able to work it out.” I say, are those people living in Lalaland? This is reality; it might work in the beginning with the regular phone calls or the late night Skyping. But later on this could get really frustrating due to the repetitive process. This frustration leads to fights, which leads to a break-up and ultimately you will curse yourself for getting into such a relationship.

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Trust Is Very Important

Long distance relationships obviously require a lot of trust. Your significant other is in another place altogether. If you are someone who can’t trust the other person very easily, then my friend, you’re going to be suspicious about anything. For example, if you call her repeatedly and she doesn’t answer your call, you will immediately jump to the conclusion that she is in bed with another man. When she could simply be asleep or busy in a meeting.

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 No Sex Life

no sex life

Long distance relationship ruins your sex life.

In a long distance relationship, there is no sex life. If you count Skype sex as having a sex life, then you’re are sadly mistaken. How much of it will you do till you crave for the real thing? Are you going to go the extent of acquiring a mistress? I guess not! Now that you’re in your prime it’s better to have a relationship with someone who is around and not with someone who lives miles away from you.



A long distance relationship can make you very anxious.

The amount of anxiety in a long distance relationship is maddening. You have no idea what your loved one is doing on the other side of the phone makes the situation very dangerous and creates a high level of stress and anxiety. Only if you trust your loved one completely will you overcome this scenario, which I believe is very unlikely to happen.

No Proper Communication

Text messages can cause a lot of miscommunication between you and your loved one. These could be unintentional miscommunications. There are times when humor could be mistaken for attitude while a serious message might be misread as sarcasm. They are just words on a screen, which make it impossible to interpret the tone that the person who sent is trying to convey.

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Now you know what the side effects of getting into a long distance relationship are. But if you’re still keen of getting into one, then please be my guest. But don’t say later that I didn’t warn you.

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