5 tell-tale signs that your girlfriend is excessively jealous


Jealousy seems cute when a relationship is new. You feel like your partner really cares for you and is affected if you hang out with someone else. Very soon, this cuteness goes out of the window and the negativity associated with the term creeps in. This negativity includes feelings like insecurity, anxiety, fear and resentment.

You feel good when you are in a relationship with a woman who makes you the centre of her world. What you fail to realize is that there is another side to this – this love will soon turn into possessiveness which could lead you into feeling suffocated. Want to know if your relationship is headed that way? Here are 5 indications to know if your girlfriend is the jealous kinds and how it can ruin your relationship.

“Are you thinking of sleeping with that girl?”


If she gets angry and unreasonable at the very mention of another woman she is definitely the psycho jealous kinds. We all are surrounded by the opposite sex everywhere – be it college, our workplace or when we are travelling. Imagine not being able to talk to your girlfriend about your female friends! It is not healthy if in a relationship you have to keep secrets from each other, or even lie about it.

“How dare you compliment that girl?”

If she can’t understand the difference between healthy flirting and ‘I am interested in you’ flirting, she is going to make your life miserable. Men are charmers. This is something that every woman needs to accept. It is a natural reaction for them when around a woman. Complimenting her, making her smile, all this does not necessarily mean that they are interested in her and not in you.

“Can I have your password, honey?”

girlfriend peeping in boyfriends computer online stalking

Does she peep into your computer and/or phone to check your activities? Does she also keep a tab on your online profiles? If yes, it is not love, it is obsession. Don’t be shocked if you come to know that she is using the knowledge of your security passwords only to check your inbox and interpret your personal messages in her own way.

“Why are you still in touch with your ex?”

If she wants you to cut ties with your ex, she is just insecure. Every relationship and every breakup is different. Some couples share a special bond even after they separate. If a romantic relationship did not work, it does not mean that you cannot be friends. And if your current girlfriend is not secure in her relationship, she only has herself to blame.

“Don’t go out of my sight even for a minute, my love”

If she always wants to keep you in her sight, things are certainly not normal. Some people take the meaning of ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ quite literally. Just because she does not want her to be out of your mind, she will never go out of your sight. This obviously means that you will be in front of her eyes, which also serves the purpose of keeping an eye on you!

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