5 Telltale Signs That You Need To Quit Your Job


A job is a unique chance. In more ways than one it changes your life. You meet new people, make new friends, and learn more about the world. Most of the times, the experience is a good one and leaves you with more than you had asked for. But not everyone has the same kind of luck. For those who are in for a rough ride, spotting the signs is essential. If you are finding it troublesome to make up your mind, we’ll highlight the indicators which say that you need to quit your job.

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1. Neglected for that PROMOTION

Growth is a natural world order. Some people slog it out day and night making presentations by the dozens, cracking deals and follow the company policies to the letter in order to make it big one day. They know they are ready for the next level, but somehow lady luck fails to shine upon them. They get sidelined and a new person gets appointed. If this is your case then its time you say your goodbyes and find newer avenues.

2. You aren’t taken seriously anymore

If you feel you are not respected, remember there is a better place for you; move out.

If you feel you are not respected, remember there is a better place for you; move out.

There was a time when people used to hang on to your every word. Your opinions mattered, your inputs valued and incorporated. Now though, the scenario has changed drastically. They call you if needed; turn a deaf ear to the inputs being given. Demoralising as it may sound, but there is surely better in this world for you out there. And the ideal thing for you is to head out and search for those things.

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3. Oh, you weren’t invited?

Chilling out after office hours has been going on for ages. It is a great way to shed the inhibitions, let out your real self and get to know people. Trouble starts brewing when the group of colleagues you used to hangout regularly hesitate to call you for such outings. They may well have a valid reason, but such cold shouldering can leave you nowhere in the long run. An exit strategy is your best bet in such cases.

4. Your life is a dumping ground of work

And the work load never seems to end!

And the work load never seems to end!

There are companies that provide you with a great work-life balance and then there are those which treat you like a dumping ground. Yes, you heard that right! And if you are lucky enough to be part of the latter (pardon the pun), you need to get your roller skates on and move out of the hellhole at the first opportunity. P.S: This isn’t applicable for those devoid of social life.

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5. OMG… it’s Bosszilla

Some bosses are never satisfied, no matter what

Some bosses are never satisfied, no matter what!

No matter how hard you work or how smart you work, you just can’t make the cut in some people’s eyes. While you have been burning the midnight oil, trying to make it tick, some bosses are never satisfied. Add to that there irrelevant and devil-may-care attitude towards work means you are sure to be made scapegoat the moment something goes wrong. Sounds scary, right? You can pack up there and then or stay long enough to get kicked out. We’d advise you to pick the former. No haunted nights and swollen bum.

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The choice as they say has always been yours. And if these points are any indicators, bidding adieu is the right choice indeed!

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