5 Things That Signify A Good Relationship


We fall in love because we are comfortable in sharing emotional and physical relationship with that particular person. In an attempt to make this magical connection last longer, we try to transform it into a ‘good relationship’. But you have to understand one thing: good relationships cannot be forced; it has to be felt from within. Every time a relationship sails smooth, the couples begin to wonder if it is a sign of good bonding. We start processing thoughts about whether or not to take it to the next level. At this point, I come back to the question: What is a good relationship?

Let’s just say that it is a blissful experience. While some people can find it, others may easily overlook it. You may even sail through seas and fly through clouds to find your soulmate, when your perfect match is actually right below your nose all the while. Combination of sacrifices, love and trust is the recipe to a good relationship.

Here are some factors that are important in a good relationship.

Nothing but happiness

nothing but happiness

If you know the difference between infatuation and love, you are on the safer side. Many people confuse between the two and often wonder why things don’t go right in their relationship, when the problem actually lies right in front of their eyes. To know your partner’s discreet stuff, yet love each other means that you are in a good relationship.

Arguing constructively


Let’s just hope that you never get a reason to fight or argue with your partner. But, if there is such a situation, make sure you deal with it in a mature way. Arguments are usually silly misunderstandings unless it can be as serious as a conflict because of cheating on your partner. First explain your point of view of the situation and wait to listen to your partner’s say in it as well. Hear the other part of the story before arriving at a solution. Also, arguing constructively will help the two of you to achieve the ‘good relationship’ title.

Unconditional love

unconditional lovwe

Trusting your partner in spite of gossip mongers whispering rumours, and loving him even if he has some sort of a birth defect is one of the most important pillars of a good relationship. This is not about understanding and showing love only from one side, it has to be a feeling that is shared mutually.

Talk – that’s what helps


By communicating to your partner you are taking your relationship to the next level. Talking about your everyday activities, sharing some hilarious childhood moments, etc increases the trust and helps both of you confide in each other. In this way, the bonding becomes more mature, thus qualifying itself to be the ‘good relationship’.

Respect each other


True love is not only about holding each other’s hands and going crazy for each other. It is your reaction to the ‘other things’ that determine whether you are in a good relationship or not. To love and support each other during hardships, to encourage each other in their new ventures and to be beside your partner even if the whole world is against him are a few of the ‘other things’ that can help in laying a strong foundation to the good relationship that you henceforth have.

So, a good relationship is all about understanding and being there for each other every single time.

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