5 things to remember before cutting your hair


So it’s hot and humid and you’re planning to go for the big chop. Whether you’re thinking of keeping it short or just want to take a few inches off your mane, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. Here are 5 lesser known facts about cutting your hair which if ignored, will only keep you sulking until your hair grows back.

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Fact #1: Cutting your hair doesn’t make them grow faster

This is a myth. The ends or the tips of our hair do nothing to make it grow. The hair tips never affect the hair follicles or roots of the hair which are mainly responsible for hair growth. However, trimming the ends does contribute to the overall health of your mane.


Fact #2: Monthly trims don’t help

You must trim your hair only once in 3 or 4 months

You must trim your hair only once in 3 or 4 months

Trimming hair every month will do no good for your hair except make it shorter and probably cost you more than what you can afford. If you’re worried about split ends, know that hair starts to split only 3-4 months down the line. That is when you need a trim.

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Fact #3: Layers are to be defined depending on your hair type

Layers help to add volume to your hair and make them look fuller

Layers help to add volume to your hair

While cutting your hair, keep in mind the texture and the thickness of your hair. Go for proper layers depending on your hair type – tighter curls don’t really need uniform layers, but straighter hair should be evenly layered. Also keep in mind the shape of your face.


Fact #4: Bangs will be cut according to your face shape

If you’re thinking of getting bangs, you must be extra careful about choosing your hairstyle. Bangs must be cut as per the shape of the face. Long, wispy bangs look best on a square face, while softer, shorter bangs work best to frame a rounder face.

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Fact #5: If you skip a trim, split ends will travel upwards

This fact may be scary, but well, it is a fact after all. If you don’t go for a hair trim once in 3-4 months then your split ends will travel upwards and split further causing multiple splits in your tresses. Once you start noticing more split ends in your hair then it’s time to chop them off!

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