5 tips to master woman-on-top position


Many women do not prefer to be on top of their partner during sex for various reasons. Some of them give silly reasons to simply escape the trouble of attempting another sex position. Less confidence, conscious about the body and laziness are some common reasons that women cite. Ladies, trust me; to be on top of your man is the best sex position ever.

By the end of this article you will ditch the good old missionary position for sure. Here are some tips that will help you to be a pro in this position.

Slow and steady wins the race


As soon as you are on top, you might be tempted to bounce fast; but it only ruins the act. So, start slow. Nobody is trying to win a competition here. Move in circular motions initially and increase the pace when you both feel the need to.

Touch and kiss


As your partner is lying on his back, caress him by stroking his chest or the kind. You can stop for a break and give him a kiss as well.

Play with your breasts


Men love to watch women fondle their breasts. Give him the pleasure of watching you play with your breasts. Slowly, place his hands over it. He will know what to do next. You might as well be sexy to stroke your hair as you move up and down in this position.

Talk dirty


To move up and down might be tiring. So, to break the monotonous routine, bend forward and gasp a dirty secret to your man and watch him grab you with energy after that. You can also flaunt yourself during the act.

Allow him to take control


To avoid getting tired, allow him to take control. For all you know, his saved up energy might after all be totally worth the shot.

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