5 wardrobe essentials for women


So your wardrobe has seen many trends come and go over the years. But if you look closer for a moment, you will probably notice that some of the things have been in there always. You can wear them anytime, in any season, at any occasion, and without seeming outdated in terms of fashion. What are they? You guessed it right, the all-time closet staples!

Some things just never go out of style. Let’s take a look at some of the wardrobe essentials or wardrobe staples that every woman must own.

A crisp white shirt:

White shirt

This one is a clear winner. Every woman must atleast have one white shirt in her closet. Team it up with black pants and you are ready for work. Or rock it with a pair of distressed denim shorts for the backyard barbeque. You’ll never go wrong with it.

Black trousers:

Black trousers

So you moved to a new city and are struggling to find a job. Being broke for a while has left you with little formal clothes. But if you have this staple with you, you probably won’t need anything else (except for a shirt, of course!) When the interview call arrives, your black trousers will save your day. Wear them to the interview with a shirt of your choice and maybe a blazer if you’ve got one.

Semi formal blazer jacket:


No matter how many coats one owns, we all long for the one that’s casual enough to wear on weekends, yet polished enough to walk into the office wearing it. Invest in a good blazer jacket in any classic colour right from black to brown to beige. Trust us, you’ll never regret it.

Black stilettos:

Black shoes

The perennial black heels have stood the test of time. And they’re easily the go-to shoes for any time of the day. You could wear them on absolutely any piece of clothing – whether skirts or trousers or dresses.

Your favourite denims:


Every woman deserves to own a pair of jeans she can look great in – from every angle. Comfort and class are perfectly defined with this piece of garment. And even if you’ve owned a pair since years and it’s faded and battered and distressed, it will never give you a reason to worry.

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