5 Ways How You Can Combat Watery Eyes


Watery eyes may not be life threatening, but it is certainly very irritating. Medically, watery eyes are known as Epiphora. This disorder results in an overflow of tears onto the face. This could be due to allergies or bacterial infections. Whatever may be the cause, you would obviously want this condition to go away as soon as possible, right? So, here are 5 ways how you can combat watery eyes:

Clean Your Eyes With A Wet, Clean Washcloth

Clean your eyes with a clean washcloth

Use a clean washcloth to remove dust particles from your eyes.

If you feel that there is a foreign body like a dust particle stuck in your eyes, no worries. All you have to do is, wet a clean washcloth with cool water and gently wipe the area of the eye that is affected. Please make sure that you don’t rub the area too hard, because it could damage the affected area even more. It could also result in you going blind eventually. Avoid using your hand to wipe the tears from your eyes, because even they could carry certain bacteria. Use a wet washcloth to do the needful.

Pop An Antihistamine (Allergy Tablet)

Most of the time, red, watery eyes are caused due to allergic infections. At such times, it is advisable to take an antihistamine or allergy pill to make the irritation caused by allergies go away as well as to reduce your watery eyes.

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Use A Compress

A warm compress helps remove the crust around the eyes, while it also eliminates all the toxins present in the eye that could block the tear ducts. Wet a washcloth in warm or even hot water and squeeze it a little bit and place the cloth on your eyes. Ensure you do this when you lie down and do it for about 15 minutes daily. This will help to reduce the irritation and redness in the watery eyes.

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Try Hot And Cold Compresses Each Day

Use a hot and cold compress each day

Using a cold and hot compress daily helps to get rid of red watery eyes.

If you feel the hot compress hasn’t really worked its magic, then you could alternate by using a cold compress on one day and a hot one on the next. For a cold compress, take an ice bag or a clean washcloth and place some ice cubes in it and apply to the eye that is affected. Keep it on for 2 minutes. The next day you could try the hot compress like how it is mentioned above. Both the processes should be done for five minutes on different days.

Coconut Oil Is An Excellent Remedy

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy to cure your watery eyes. It acts as a moisturizer and soothes the eyes. But, before you apply it on the eye, ensure you rub it on another part of your skin and leave it for an hour. This is just to make sure that you aren’t allergic to it. If you see there is no problem, then by all means please go ahead and apply it on the watery eyes.

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Now, if you are someone who regularly suffers from red, watery eyes, then try out these remedies. Trust me, they will surely cure your condition.

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