5 Ways To Be Happy Always, Like A Child


Ever wondered why kids are so happy all the time, while we toil away in our miserable lives? The trick that our children know is to avoid complications and simply do what makes them happy. We tend to pay too much attention to social etiquette and regulations that we end up losing our real self in the bargain. We try to make the society happy, sometimes at the cost of our own happiness. Change that right away! Here are some ways how you can keep the child within you alive forever.

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Enjoy the smaller things:

Have you noticed how children are happy with even smallest of things? That’s exactly what you need to do. Kids are happy because they don’t have big plans, and relish the small achievements they make. Let yourself loose and enjoy the smaller pleasures that life throws at you. Do what you like and do it best.

Learn to love yourself:

Love yourself and give yourself a big hug

Love yourself and give yourself a big hug

Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you accept all the faults and flaws in you, and still love yourself dearly. Nothing should matter more to you than your own happiness – obviously not at the cost of someone else’s; but you get the point, don’t you? Connect with yourself and think about all the times you’ve done something that made you feel good. Make a resolve to continue doing that.

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Don’t worry about being labelled:

Do the things you love and immerse yourself in happiness

Do the things you love and immerse yourself in happiness

The society is bound to label you and you must not fret over it. Instead, ignore what the society says about you and focus on increasing your self–worth. Children don’t mind criticism mostly because they don’t pay heed to it. That’s the secret to a happier life! Do not pay heed to the negative criticism and try to work on your nature and character to mould it in a positive manner. Laugh, dance, do whatever you like; and don’t worry about being called silly. Live in the moment and fall in love with yourself each and every time you feel you aren’t worth loving.

Rediscover yourself:

All it takes is a little heart and some guts to unlearn what we have learnt all our lives and rediscover ourselves all over again. Remember your childhood days – did you enjoy playing in the park or snuggling in a blanket with a book? Do those things again and see what difference it makes to your present state of mind. The things that you did as a child are really what makes you happy, so rediscover that aspect of your life by actually re-living it.

Stick to your friends:

Stick to your friends and they will make you happier

Stick to your friends and they will make you happier

Although solitude is important and at times fun too, you must never let go off your closest friends. As kids we always had our friends’ back and refused to part with them. They are a huge part of our childhood and have been contributors to our happiness, so never give up on your closest friends.

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