5 Wedding Gifts That Every Newlywed Couple Will Love


The time of the year has come when we can flaunt our expensive sarees and exquisite jewellery. When our weekend plans more often than not include attending a wedding. We are all geared up to attend these special occasions; but there is one thing that we always get stuck at – the gift. This is definitely the most challenging decision we have to make when going to a wedding. Your gift is what represents you at any occasion. Don’t you remember the person who gifted you the best thing at your wedding? It’s now time to be that person in someone else’s life.

Here are 5 wedding gift ideas that will make a striking impression:

A digital photo frame: The time around a wedding is very special and memorable for the couple, and photos are just a way to keep these memories alive. While the humble photo frame is not a bad idea, a digital one will be simply wow! The digital photo frame will keep on playing several photos that hold special value to the couple and their family, as a slideshow. And what could be better than having these memories playing in front of you all the time.


Honeymoon tickets: If you are very close to the couple and are definite about their plans post marriage, you can gift them a honeymoon package. Don’t try to keep this as a surprise, because there is a lot that needs to be taken care of once the wedding ceremony is over. If the couple already has made their plans, you can book them a suite in a 5 star hotel for their first night.

Customized gifts: Again, this gift is apt for a couple that you are close to. Customized gifts can be anything from a collage, to customized t-shirts, pillow covers, clocks, mugs, nameplates, engraved crystals, printed bed sheets and a lot more. Unleash your creativity and create some magic with this one.

The couple watch: This is like an age old tradition in our country. There are many brands that launch exclusive new collections during the wedding season. When two different people come together, this will be something that they have in common, among the many other things that led to their marriage.


Bless the couple: Gift them something that will be a blessing for their married life. You can gift them the idols of Laxmi and Ganesha which according to Hindu culture symbolize good luck. You can gift them the mandarin duck couple, a pair of multi-faceted crystals or the ‘grow old together’ turtles, all of which symbolize a healthy and long married life.

Do remember to choose the gift according to the preference of the couple and the budget that you have set aside for the wedding gift. And yes, do not forget – it’s your friend’s wedding, not birthday; gift the couple, not your friend alone.

Enjoy the wedding season!



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